What does Christmas mean to our students?

Apex High School, located in Apex North Carolina, is a representative for many different demographics from the ages that live in the households of the students at Apex, to the races and genders and the thousands of traditions that make each student and their families unique and special. If you think about, imagine seeing every family come together at the same time. They all come together celebrating the best time of the year, whatever that may be to their family specifically, and how amazing and special just a little high school represents for our world.

While writing this article, I decided to think about what’s coming up in these next few months. It being December, for my family, we’ve always celebrated Christmas. So focusing on just a smaller ground, I went around and asked several students what Christmas means to them, or what this time of year means to their families and them. 

“Christmas is honestly one of my most favorite times of the year,” sophomore Emma Whitley mentioned in her interview. Emma wasn’t the only one; she, along with many other students I spoke with, mentioned how Christmas and the holidays around this time of year is one of their favorites. Lauren Waters, a freshman said, “My family celebrates Christmas, and we always have. Christmas to me represents the birth of Jesus and that’s something that’s always the basis for our holiday festivities.” I then asked her to explain more. She added, “We go to the Christmas services, sing carols, get together with friends, and all come together as a family.”

Just from what Lauren explained, many people celebrate Christmas as it being a Christian holiday. If you look up Christmas on the internet, you’ll find something like this: “Christmas is an annual festival commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ, as a religious and cultural celebration among billions of people around the world.” Now along with that, after reading an article called “Christmas History”, explained how there are so many different traditions and beliefs that go on during this time. Some of those being, gift giving, family and social gatherings, symbolic decorations and decorating, and so much more. 

“Christmas is the beginning of the colder weather, sweaters and getting to put up stockings and the Christmas tree. Every year, we get together with my family and make christmas cookies and give them out to people.” Nicole Alex, a sophomore, explained. “My family every year always goes out and gets all sorts of gifts for one another, and each year gets closer.” As you can see, Christmas can mean so many different things to so many different people. The amazing thing about these student interviews is that they are all a part of the Apex High family. As a school, it shows so much character and holds a special place for how important every single student and staff member and family member is to our school. Without any of these, Apex High wouldn’t be the same.

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