There’s a Difference Between Swim and Dive?

One of Apex High’s many winter sports is swim and dive. Most people think that they are the same thing, but are they really? No, they are not. The swim and dive team is considered to be the same team, but they are actually very different from one another for many reasons. The swim and dive team are coached by different coaches, they practice at different places and times, they require totally different types of skills, and they have meets on different days. The only things that the swim and dive team have in common is that the points earned at each swim and dive meet are combined together for one score, they have the same pasta parties and banquets, and even though there is a different coach at dive practices, the coach of the swim team is still who organizes everything for both teams though the school. 

The dive team is different from the swim team in many ways. Dive practices are located at NC State Aquatic Center from 6 pm until 7:15 pm on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Dive meets are also held at NC State Aquatic Center, but there are only four of them, and they are all on Friday nights. Two are in December, and two are in January whereas the swim team practices right after school at Triangle Aquatic Center. They have meets there as well, which are a lot more frequent than dive meets are. Another main difference between the swim and dive team is their coaches. The dive team is coached by Coach Wesendunk who also coaches ten other schools’ dive teams, and they all practice at the same place and time. The swim team, on the other hand, is coached by Coach Trull. Although Coach Trull is the go-to person for general questions and questions regarding apparel; Coach Wesendunk is the person you should ask if you have questions specifically about dive.

Although the swim and dive teams are different, they are also alike in some ways. Both teams have combined pasta parties before all the swim meets. Even though those pasta parties may not be before dive meets, it’s nice that members of the dive team are able to still be included in those parties. The swim and dive teams also combine the points that are earned at each meet. For example, if the swim meet gets three hundred points at their meet, and the dive team gets one hundred at their meet, then the Apex swim and dive team total score would be four hundred points. This combined score is the reason why swim and dive is considered a combined team. 

Despite the differences between swim and dive, they are both very fun sports to be a part of. There are a lot of good swimmers at Apex High, so making the team may be a little difficult. However, the dive team only has two boys and one girl, so if you wanted to tryout you could make it, even if you’ve never dived in your life. You would learn everything you need to know at practices when Coach Wesendunk explains and demonstrates what you need to do. If you are thinking about joining either team then you should, they are very fun sports, and you would make lots of friends with people who are also on the team. If you do dive, then you could make friends from other schools since dive teams from many different schools practice together. There are also a lot of divers who do both swim and dive for their school team, so if you are debating between doing one or the other, you can just do both!

If you are ever looking for a new sport to be a part of at Apex, you should look into swim and dive. Also, if you are ever looking to show Apex High support for either team, come to one of the meets! Swim meets are located at Triangle Aquatic Center, and dive meets are located at the NC State Aquatic Center. If there is anything that you should take away from this article it is that although swim and dive are different from one another, they are still both great sports to join.

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