Has the Cold Come Too Early?

Have you gotten out the gloves or big heavy jackets yet? If you haven’t, it may be time to start. The cold and bitter winds have made their grand entry, and North Carolina may be in for a chillier fall and winter this coming year. 

After interviewing a few students, one in particular said, “It seems to be getting super cold super early this year.” And in fact, it has. “Mid November feels more like mid winter,” stated an article called “Mid-November of 2019”. The article described how November has been cold this soon in the past, just not this cold and just not this fast.

Another article called “Long Range Weather Forecast,” talks about several wind and tropical storms made their debut resulting in more heavy rainfalls and winds during the seasons in transition for fall and to soon be winter. The funny thing is that in war with North Carolina’s crazy weather surprises, the one surprise that shocked us all, were the wind chills and extreme drop in temperatures. In most states,“Long Range Weather Forecast,” continued to explain how the temperatures would gradually decrease. Well, leaving North Carolina with no shocking surprise with an unexpected weather change, the temperatures went from 80’s and 90’s, to the following Monday being fifty four as a high.

A freshman, Clara Griggs, said that when the cold weather comes, it reminds her of Christmas and snow. I asked a few other students what their favorite traditions are for the cold weather or things that make this cold and chilly time memorable and eventful. Some of them included things like colder track meets or lacrosse games, wearing cute beanies or fuzzy socks. Sophomore Bradley Sclafani said, “The cold reminds me of Christmas and lots of snow and traveling and visiting my family.” I also asked some students in their interviews whether they thought we’d have snow this year, and if they like the snow, are they looking forward to it. Sophomore Nicole Alex said, “I absolutely love snow and love the North. I really hope we’ll get a lot of snow this year because it’s always super fun and a good way to spend time with my family and friends. Also since the forecast for colder weather seems to be so much sooner, I think we have a lot to look forward to.” Nicole ended her interview by saying she can’t wait to do things like making snowmen and having snowball fights, and it just really brings her family together.

So maybe when the weather changes, we look forward to these fun things. But of course there are those people who don’t always prefer for the cold. After interviewing Emma Whitley, she explained that the colder weather isn’t her favorite and is one of the reasons she prefers the South over the North. Although there are tons of things and traditions she loves to partake in with her family and friends, she can’t wait for this frosty weather to pass by. 

Bradley Franklin, a sophomore, stated how he really likes this weather, it’s the official start of hockey season and getting ready for Christmas. But he also said the weather doesn’t seem too different compared to past years. Well, he’s actually correct. Because of the crazy weather changes that tend to occur in NC and all along the coast, it’s actually just our minds “playing tricks on us,” an article called “Polar Coaster Season” said. How it happens, is since NC’s summer’s and end of spring is just so warm, and in past years while we wait for the end of spring and the beginning of fall into winter, it’s easier extremely humid and warm. “Polar Coaster Season” stated, “North Carolina is actually having normal state weather for once.” 

As we get out our warm winter hats and coats and take a sip of a cup of hot cocoa and go ice skating and start shopping for Christmas, one of the most amazing parts of this time of year is that it can be a time to come together with those we love. As most of the students I interviewed mentioned things they can’t wait to do, had something to do with their families and friends. From saying they love to travel to go see family members, to staying home and looking at Christmas decorations or having snowball fights. All these things bring people together, so even if we don’t love the cold, remember how memorable these times are and as quickly as North Carolina’s weather likes to change on us, use the time we have in these seasons with all of those we love and care for.



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