10 Things To Do Over Thanksgiving Break

10 Things To Do Over Thanksgiving Break

Thanksgiving is a fun time of year and a time for family and food, but sometimes it can feel like there is nothing to do! So here are ten things you can do over your Thanksgiving break.

  • Have a Movie marathon.

One of the best things to do on Thanksgiving while you’re waiting to eat is have a movie marathon. Sometimes a cheesy movie is the best way to go!

  •  Enjoy all the food.

 Thanksgiving is all about giving thanks! Show your gratefulness by enjoying all of the awesome food.

  • Watch football.

 Thanksgiving wouldn’t be the same without football. Enjoy this timeless tradition by gathering the family and yelling at the TV! 

  • Help out in your community.

Thanksgiving is all about giving thanks, so what’s better to do than help your community? Ideas include volunteering at a local soup kitchen or volunteer at an old folk’s home.

  • Spend time with family.

One amazing thing about Thanksgiving is that it brings everyone together. While dinner might turn sour when someone starts talking about politics, it is still a good time. Use the time to catch up with your more distant relatives!

  • Watch the Thanksgiving parade. 

If you get bored and are tired of dodging so many uncomfortable questions from your family, turn on the television and watch the parade! Nothing redirects those pesky questions quite like giant inflatable Snoopy.

  • Catch up with friends.  

Thanksgiving is not just about family but also about friends. One great thing you could do over Thanksgiving break is to have a Friendsgiving where you get together with your friends and eat a lot of food.

  • Decorate for Christmas.

Since Thanksgiving is ending, you know what that means! It’s Christmas time! So bust out the lights and the Christmas tree, and turn on all the classic Christmas music besides no one can be mad now Thanksgiving is almost over.

  •  Spend time outdoors.

Another fun thing to do with your family might be going outside and getting some fresh air. You can always go for a hike or even play football in the yard with your family.

  • Sleep in.

After all the food you had, enjoy the break off school by taking a well-deserved nap!

In conclusion, the list goes on with the things to do over Thanksgiving break from spending time with friends and family to sleeping in and having a movie marathon. It’s all up to you and how you think you can get the most out of this Thanksgiving break with your family.

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