Preparing for Life Beyond High School

Recently, Apex High DECA hosted two amazing events centered around preparing our students for life beyond high school. It can be hard to figure out what to do past high school, whether in college or the workforce. A great way to start exploring interests is to meet professionals within various fields and have discussions with them about their career path.

Career Fair Round-Tables

Interactive Q and A based discussions were held during the Career Fair, which was held on November 15th during all of third period. At the fair, there were twelve professionals from a variety of industries. The professionals were paired up to host six booths. Each session, a new set of students gets to cycle between two booths, spending fifteen minutes at each. Students were either nominated by their third-period teachers, or some teachers brought their whole class. Students discussed topics such as how to get started in an industry, what are the day-to-day operations for a specific job/field, and how to use a passion to enter an industry.

After the event, students filled out an exit survey. Comments from students included, “really enjoyed talking to [the professional]”, “very interesting learning about all the different job opportunities”, and “[the fair] was very helpful in preparing for the future”. Apex High School is grateful to all the professionals who took time out of their day to volunteer at the fair. Opportunities like this are vital to ensuring our students are ready for life beyond high school

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Entrepreneurship Fair

Later the same day, Mr. O’s fourth period took part in the Entrepreneurship Fair. At this event, students in Mr. O’s entrepreneurship class came up with business ideas and concepts to then present. The fair was a competition and was judged by some of the professionals who were a part of the Career Fair. Additionally, various fourth-period classes came to the event to learn about entrepreneurship. Topics that were emphasized included how to form an idea, how to tell if an idea is feasible, and how to make a concept financially feasible. In addition to business concepts from Mr. O’s class, DECA Project Management Event projects had the opportunity to promote their work at the fair. 

Overall, the fair was a great success thanks to the hard work from Mr. O’s classes, the time commitment from professionals, and the dedication from teachers who brought their classes down to allow their students to enjoy the fair. Apex High is so proud of all the amazing work that our students are doing.

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