When does the Christmas Season Really Start?

As we all know, October has ended and Halloween is over. For some, this means that Thanksgiving is coming up soon, but for others, this means that Christmas is just around the corner. According to a poll out of 223 people, fifty-seven  people start celebrating Christmas right after Halloween while 166 people wait until Thanksgiving to start celebrating. My question is why do these people decide to start celebrating Christmas so early? 

After doing some research I found out that there are many different reasons why people start celebrating Christmas early. Some people consider Christmas the most magical time of the year and that the twenty-five days leading up to Christmas is not enough time to fully celebrate Christmas. Celebrating Christmas earlier means you can start Christmas shopping earlier too, so you won’t have to go crazy black Friday shopping or last-minute Christmas shopping. Some people consider celebrating earlier is a good excuse to eat lots of cookies and drink hot chocolate earlier. Other people view Christmas as the time for joy and giving and they want to spread Christmas cheer and start giving back to others earlier. There are even some people who go as far as to say that Thanksgiving is just a Christmas holiday anyways, though I’m not sure if I agree with that.

Even though most people wait until after Thanksgiving to start celebrating Christmas, the majority of people listen to Christmas music before Thanksgiving. According to another poll out of 256 people, seventy-five  people start listening to Christmas music after Halloween ends while 65 people said that they listen to Christmas music all year, so 116 people wait until after Thanksgiving to listen to Christmas music. The main question here is why do most people listen to Christmas music early but wait until Thanksgiving to celebrate Christmas. According to the New York Post, Millennials and younger generations “skew more in favor of Christmas music than any other demographics”. The bustle.com also explains how there is no logical explanation other than the love for seasonal music and festive cheer.

Either way, everyone is getting excited for Christmas coming up and everybody celebrates the holidays in different ways. Personally, I do not celebrate Christmas until after Thanksgiving, but I start to listen to Christmas music right after Halloween. When do you start celebrating Christmas and listening to Christmas music? 

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