The Truth Behind Two Clashing Holidays

Around this time of year it wouldn’t be surprising to hear a few back and forth conversations between two clashing holidays. Over the past decade, this world wide argument has been growing, season after season. So, one of the key questions people fight with one another is can Christmas be celebrated before Thanksgiving? Or, do we wait until after Thanksgiving to put up a tree and decorate our homes with the usual red and green?

On the American calendar, Halloween is on October 31st every year. The day after, November 1st is when people tend to go crazy. Some people will immediately throw up their Christmas decorations even though Christmas Eve and Christmas morning are all through the week of December 24th and 25th. Thanksgiving however, is on November 28th, as of 2019. Usually Thanksgiving lies on the fourth Thursday of November. Either way, it always lands at least a month before Christmas Eve and Christmas morning.

From the turkey decorations and cornucopias, what does Thanksgiving actually mean? “For many individuals, Thanksgiving is one of the only times that extended families are able to come together. This is incredibly important because it provides the opportunity for family members to spend a day engaging with one another in a very intentional way,” an article called “Why Thanksgiving is Important” stated. Thanksgiving, as said in its name is a time to give thanks. To be thankful for what you have and for those around you. And as said before, it’s a time to come together, so as families sit and feast together, traditionally eating turkey, they can share why they’re thankful for each other and for the things they have. “Why Thanksgiving is Important” also said that, “Thanksgiving began when the first settlers and pilgrims came off the Mayflower. Leading to a big meal they feasted together, it symbolizes togetherness. The Native Americans offered and brought turkey to the table as a gift. This is why most families eat turkey on Thanksgiving.” 

“We can give thanks during the Christmas season as well, the season must be longer in order for us to fully enjoy it,” stated an article called “Our Beloved Two Holidays.” I interviewed and asked a few students which holiday they liked more, along with whether they think it’s christmas season before Thanksgiving or after. Out of the five I talked to, every single one of them said Christmas season begins November 1st. When Thanksgiving Day arrives, Christmas gets put on hold, and it’s time to eat. One of the students I talked to, stated how this season with many different holidays brings more than being separate days to themselves. It brings people together, whether it be by talking to each other, sharing with one another, eating, giving gifts, or even worshiping together. 

Lots of fun can be had during these fun seasons. “My favorite part of Christmas is picking out a big Christmas tree and then spending time with my family to put ornaments on it and putting wreaths on the windows,” Abby Boomgarden said. “Also watching Christmas movies and shows like Hallmark has been something me and my family loves to do.” After asking some students what their favorite music and movies were during this time of the year, the movie Elf and songs like “O Christmas Tree” came up a lot. But I started to notice that there weren’t any Thanksgiving songs. 

Sammy Taylor, a sophomore said, “I love Christmas so much. I love spending time with those I love and my friends and buying gifts for each other and going to church, but Thanksgiving is important too. I think it needs to attention it deserves so Christmas should wait till after Thanksgiving. 

In conclusion, this time of year brings people together. There were always be that little argument whether one is better than the other and which is more important. But they both bring people together, and I think that’s the key to making our world a better place. Not everyone celebrates Christmas or Thanksgiving but all of the holidays during the season have some branch that brings their families and friends together. “Just remember, Christmas is a season, Thanksgiving is just a day.”

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