Football Girl

Could you imagine what it would be like being the only girl on an all guy team? Well, for Emma Karolkowski, that’s how it is. She is the only girl on the Apex HS JV football team. I asked Emma some questions about what it is like to be on the team and what she does in practice.


  1. How does it feel to be the only girl on an all guy team?

A: It is  pretty cool, not different from any other team. The guys are really cool about it.

            2.What is your daily schedule in practice?

A: We start off with pre practice, and then we do stretch lines and get warmed up. Then we get individual position work, next we go to team and practice as a team, and that brings the end of practice.

            3.How are you treated on the team?

A: Just like one of the guys, we mess around with each other. It is like having a bunch of brothers.

            4.Have you  been in the guys locker room?

A:  Yes, I have.

            5.What positions do you play?

A: I play wide receiver and cornerback.

            6.What made you want to play football?

A: Football is my main sport; I’ve been playing since I was able to stand on my own two feet. so I figured why not keep playing what I love throughout high school.

The JV football team finished the year third in conference with a record of 4-5 with wins over Sanderson, Fuquay, Holly Springs, and South Garner. Thank you to Emma for taking time out of her day to answer my questions, and best of luck next season!

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