Why Should You Play a Sport?

Whether we are fond of them or not, sports are all around us. They are a part of popular culture; billions of people watch them and millions play them. Team sports are especially common nowadays and are a great outlet for millenials to unwind and have fun. However, 70% of kids stop playing team sports by the age of thirteen. It’s important to realize the benefits of playing sports, especially team sports, and how they have a positive impact on the lives of youth.

It is evident that sports have a vast variety of health-related benefits that will physically help you feel better. Let’s start with the most apparent health benefit: weight control. Playing a sport is an enjoyable way to maintain your weight because while being physically active, you burn calories. While you play sports, your cardiovascular health and strength will also improve. The more active you are, the more oxygen flows to your muscles and allows your body to become stronger and healthier. Yes, sometimes you may feel sore after exercise, but the good thing about playing a sport is that you are with other people: friends. So even if you may feel badly the first few practices, don’t worry because everyone is in the same boat. With continuous exercise and practice, you will quickly begin to become more active.

Mental health and brain power also improve while playing sports. Exercise in general improves oxygen flow to the brain that will help boost your cell growth. When you are exercising, depression, anxiety, and negative moods are decreased greatly. Instead, you will begin to have improved cognitive function, and your self-esteem will be boosted, especially if you are surrounded by teammates to cheer you on. The skills needed to play team sports are directly coordinated to the skills that adolescents use in school. Memorization and repetition are used in both sports and in the classroom. Teamwork skills can become important in sports. Since teammates are fighting for a common goal and they have to work together in order to achieve it, there are many vital lessons that they’ll learn about teamwork on the way. The stress of school also melts away when playing sports. Sports relieve stress and having friends and teammates to talk to can lead to an overall happier life.

Sports are one of the greatest enjoyments in life. Millenials feel empowered and lead a better life when they play sports, and they are receiving mental and physical benefits from exercising. So instead of spending a grueling two hours on a treadmill at the gym, try signing up for a sport and enjoy exercise.

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