Five ways to eliminate stress

As a high schooler, stress is everywhere. This season, it’s college apps for seniors; soon it’ll be time for exams, and not to mention extra curriculars and jogging homework, school, friends, a job, and parents. So when things get too crazy, how do we cope with it? Here are some strategies I’ve learned over the years to help when things get too much. 



  • Go for a walk.


This one is my favorite and always my go-to. Since we live in such a suburban area, there’s never a lack of trails and sidewalks to take a stroll on. It’s no secret that exercise can put you in a better mood, and it’s proven that just walking can produce stress-reducing endorphins. Putting on some music and walking at a calming time like the evening can boost your mood and momentarily forget about everything that is weighing you down. 



  •  Take a shower. 


This may sound basic, but taking a moment and taking a shower can help clear your mind monumentally . According to studies, taking a hot shower can relieve muscles and reduce tension in them from stress and anxiety. When things get too much, hop into the shower for a short time or a long time. Also, being in the shower can help if you have a case of writer’s block or need to come up with a project idea! 



  • Call or text a friend.


Sometimes this can escalate into a long conversation, but talking to a close friend for a little while can help reduce stress twofold. Every student does through stress, and talking it through with someone you care about can make it seem easier because you are not alone! 



  • Yoga or meditation 


This one doesn’t help everyone since sitting still and staying focused isn’t for everyone, but yoga and meditation is an amazing way to knock out stress. Both are proven to calm us and also keep our minds and bodies happy. Going to a quiet room, your backyard, or even to a park or trail can help keep your mind focused on being peaceful. Meditation can also get your mind off of whatever is troubling you about school, work, or friends.  



  • Power nap 


It’s important to do your work and even face your stressors sometimes, but a short power nap can help rejuvenate your mind and give you the boost you need to power through. Studies say a 15-20 minute nap is good for alertness and motor skills. Setting a timer and sleeping for a short time can leave you waking up ready to tackle your tasks. 


As mentioned, it’s important to do your work, practice your sports or extracurriculars, and to be social with those around you. But, as teens, we are subjects to a lot of stress nowadays. Sometimes it’s important to step away from what’s causing you anxiety and to take a break. There is no shame in putting yourself first – it’s what you should be doing! Take some of these tips for when things begin to overwhelm you. School and life is important, but nothing is more important than you and your well-being.

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