Apex Alumni Wins Big on Food Network

No one does Halloween quite like the Food Network. This year on the Haunted Gingerbread Showdown, each round consisted of a challenge to create a ginger-bread structure paying homage to a classic Halloween movie. For the first three episodes, there were three new competitors, who the winners of then went head-to-head in the finale. Of those contestants, two are near and dear to our community. Grier Rubeling, one of the contestants, is a mother of two, from Cary. North Carolina. Rubeling made it to the final round, where she faced our very own Apex High alumni. Morris won her own round of the Haunted Gingerbread Showdown and then went on to win the finale!

The final round of the show was themed around Nightmare on Elm Street, celebrating the movie’s 35th anniversary. If the task to recreate Freddy Krueger doesn’t seem hard enough, contestants were required to incorporate real flames in their sculptures. While each contestant made impressive masterpieces, Morris’s use of gingerbread— not modeling chocolate— on Krueger’s face tipped the win in her favor. Morris took home a grand prize of $25,000 and will be featured in an upcoming Food Network magazine article.

Rubeling and Morris were both noticed by the Food Network when each competed, and placed, in the Grove Park Inn’s national competition, multiple times. Both described the experience as being fun but stressful. Additionally, both admitted to breaking down on camera, during the taping of the show, but still persevered through. Morris faced a large challenge during the competition when she cut her finger and needed medical assistance. While injured, she didn’t let it hold her back and continued to finish her masterpiece. Apex is proud of both women on their skill, perseverance, and creativity!

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