The Apex High Astronomy Club

Are you interested in space and exploring the mysteries of the universe? If so, Astronomy Club is the perfect activity for you to join at AHS. Founder and president Ayesha Darekar has exciting activities planned for this year and invites all students curious about planets, stars, physics, and math to come! 

Darekar has been interested in astronomy since middle school, and when she came to AHS, she took the astronomy class but realized there wasn’t an organization dedicated to this passion of hers. During her sophomore year, she decided to change this by forming the Apex Astronomy Club. At meetings, they discuss topics revolving around space, share videos, incorporate activities, and even have guest speakers come talk. Darekar elaborated that the club’s mission is to “share more information about different subtopics within astronomy and bring in experts and professionals who’ve done research in the field or who pursue astronomy as a hobby to speak to members.”

Attending an Astronomy Club meeting could lead you to many neat experiences; Darekar specifically detailed that one of her favorite memories from the club is when they brought in a solar telescope and got to do solar observing in the light of day. Darekar elaborated, “It was a lot of fun for the club as a whole; I know that they enjoyed it a lot. Since we meet right after school, we can’t really go outside, bring out a telescope, and look at the moon because it’s not visible, so it was nice to be able to observe celestial objects right on campus.”

Astronomy Club is not as well-known or highly attended as some of the other clubs here at Apex, so Darekar hopes to get the word out about it. She wants Apex students to know that this club does many unique things that any student can enjoy, and it is a great place to talk about topics that leave us all in wonder. Past meetings have focused on topics like black holes, galaxies, constellations, and the mysteries of the universe, and even if you don’t know much about these topics, this club is welcoming, focused on discovery, and a place for you to learn something new. Darekar has done a great job growing her club with this vision but will be graduating in June, so she hopes that the legacy of her club carries on, saying, “I definitely want Astronomy Club to make a lasting impact on Apex High School whether it’s by organizing school wide events or by increasing the amount of members that we have.” 

  If you are interested in joining the club, sign up for their Remind by texting @apexastro to 810-10, and follow them on Twitter @ahsastronomy. The club meets once a month in Ms. Mann’s room, and all are welcome to join anytime. Check it out for yourself and learn something new by attending their next meeting!

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