Winter Sports Preview

As the weather gets cooler and fall begins to end, Apex High starts up their winter sports programs. Indoor track and field, swim and dive, men’s and women’s basketball, wrestling, hockey, and cheer are all of the winter sports here at Apex. Each team has different dates and times for interest meetings and tryouts, so it is important that you listen closely to the morning announcements and check the school website for updates. Hopefully this article will provide you with some beneficial information about each sport.

The indoor track and field interest meeting took place on Thursday, October 17th. If you are interested but could not make the meeting, you must see the head coach, Coach Cooper, in room 2307 by Friday, October 25th to make up the meeting. There are some added events in indoor track and field that do not take place during outdoor track and field. Almost all of the meets take place at an indoor 200m track. Indoor track is a great way to get in shape for the spring track season, but be prepared for some chilly practices. Track and field is more of an individual sport with some team components, so if you are more of an individual athlete, this may be the right sport for you. If you do decide to participate in indoor track and field, you must complete the indoor track season before you can participate in a different spring sport.

Swim and Dive is one of the sports that does not take place at Apex High School. The swim and dive team practices at the Triangle Aquatic Center (TAC) and has most of their meets there as well. The interest meeting for swim and dive took place on Wednesday, October 2nd. If you like swimming and want to try something new, swim and dive may be the perfect sport for you. Coach Trull is the head coach the swim team, and Coach Wesendunk is the dive coach. These sports are combined, but the practices, meet days, and locations are different. This is also more of an individual sport, but still has team aspects.

If you enjoy working with a team, basketball may be a good sport for you. Basketball is a sport that focuses on team effort. The success of the team depends on how well everyone can work together to score points. Coach Rodgers is the new men’s basketball coach, and the women’s basketball coach is Coach Michael. Workouts for basketball begin on October 30th. If you enjoy playing basketball, then you should consider trying out for the team!

In the winter, the cheer team cheers on our men’s and women’s basketball teams. They also attend competitions against other schools throughout the winter season. Cheer is another team-centric sport that is great if you enjoy tumbling and showing school spirit. The head coach of the Apex High cheerleading team is Coach Wertheim.

Another sport that Apex High offers is Cougar Hockey. This is a club roller hockey team with players who attend Apex High. Many people don’t know about the hockey team because they play games off campus, and aren’t considered a school sport since they are a club. Even though the school doesn’t consider it, if you like rollerblading, scoring goals, and playing with a team, you should tryout for Cougar Hockey. The 2019-2020 season has already begun, but if you are interested, then you should look into playing for the team next year!

The last winter sport at Apex High is Wrestling. Wrestling is a good sport for those who are fast, strong, and flexible. Wrestling helps to develop personal responsibility, mental toughness, and discipline in athletes. The head coach of the team is Coach Little.

Those are all of the winter sports that are offered here at Apex! Hopefully you now have an understanding of what each sport is about. If you are planning on participating in a winter sport, make sure you update your physical in time otherwise you will not be able to participate. Joining a sports team can be a great way to meet new people and become more involved with the school. Good luck to all of the sports teams this season!

Names and contact information for all of the athletic coaches at Apex can be found here and general information about Apex High athletics can be found here.

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