How to Prepare for a Job Interview

High school is a time when many people tend to start applying for jobs. Our parents are wanting us to start learning responsibility and begin paying for some things on our own. The key to getting a job is making a good impression and knowing what to do at a job interview. I personally always ask people how I should be preparing for a job interview, and this article will hopefully help you prepare properly for your job interview, show the interviewer a good impression of yourself, and hopefully help you to get the job. 

The first step to preparing for a job interview is asking yourself, why do I want this job? You may have friends that work there, or you may like the place you’re applying to and have wanted to work there, or you may just want to make some money. No matter the reason you may be applying, you should come up with a reason that makes you stand out, and makes them want to hire you. If you say you just want to make money, they may not think of that as the best reason to hire you. Instead you might consider saying something along the lines of “I would like to take more responsibility in my life and show my parents I am able to make money on my own to pay for things I may want that they might not want to pay for.” The key is to come up with a response that makes them think you are mature, responsible, and would be a good addition to their company. You should come up with sophisticated responses for all the questions they may ask you. This makes them think you are prepared and really want the position your applying for. 

The next step to being prepared for an upcoming job interview is to consider your schedule and when you would be available to work. If the company is planning on hiring you, then your availability is very important. For example, if you can’t work weekdays or if you can only work certain times on weekends, you need to inform them of that. If you don’t let them know about your availability, then they may schedule you on a date or time that you can’t work. Some companies may end up firing you if you can never work or if you didn’t inform them of your availability and always tell them you can’t come in when they schedule you. 

Additionally,, one of the most important parts of preparing for your job interview is your appearance when going in for your interview. Depending on the job or position you’re applying for, the way you dress may differ. For example, if you are applying to a fast food restaurant, then you may wear jeans or a skirt, with no holes, and a nice shirt. Although if you are applying for a job at say a fancier restaurant, then you may want to wear a pair of nice dress pants and a blouse or button down shirt. If you were to wear leggings, sweatpants, pants with holes, a t-shirt, or anything with stains on it, then you will more than likely not even be considered for the position. The first thing people see is your appearance. People tend to judge others based on first appearances because that’s what they see before they get to know you as a person. If you walk into your interview looking like a mess, then the person interviewing may think you aren’t the right person for the job. They take this into consideration since all the customers will see is your appearance when they walk in, and if they see someone who is messy or doesn’t have good hygiene, that may deter the customer from wanting to come back. 

Last but not least you should most definitely show up to your interview on time or early. If you show up to your interview late, then this will most definitely lower your chances of getting hired. When you are not on time, this makes you seem unreliable or like you don’t care. There are more than likely plenty of other applicants for the company to choose from, so if you show up late then that makes them think that you don’t really want the job. At this time they usually move on to their other applicants who may be more fit for the job and show that they want it more than you do. 

I hope reading this article helps you prepare for your next job interview. I recommend always being prepared for your interview if you really want the job. I wish you the best of luck on your next interview, and hope you will refer back to this for future interviews. 

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