Behind Closed Curtains

You may not know this, but a lot of work goes into the fall play. The fall play is important every year, but it is extra important this year because it is the first play at the new school. This play is called That’s The Spirit. That’s The Spirit is a spoof on a murder mystery. During the first scene, someone is murdered. Throughout the play, they try to discover who the killer is. 

Choosing the right person to perform is hard. They have to somewhat resemble the character. You also need to be sure they have what it takes to correctly portray the character. If one character is off, everyone is. You also need to make sure everyone works well together. Their relationship off-stage can be affected by their relationship on stage.

I decided to interview senior Myles Moore who has been in theatre all through high school and has worked on many plays.

Myles Moore Actor (Scotty/Flight Captain)

Q – Who do you play?

A- “I am Scotty Nelson.”

Q – What is the process like?

A – “It is a very, very long process. We have rehearsals every day, and we create a back story for our characters and establish relationships”

Q – Do you enjoy it, despite the hard work?

A – “Of course. It’s a great way to meet new people. Every awkward moment is a funny moment and it helps you to be outside of the box.”

Q – Who works the hardest?

A- “The tech crew does a lot for us. There would be no play without them.”

Making sure everything for the play is perfect is hard work. Most do not care to think about all the work the crew does or realize how much they do. Without the backstage crew, there is no show. They need to make sure everything is right. From the lighting and sound effects to the props and the structure of the play. 

Ms. Levine is the theatre and tech theatre teacher and director for the school plays. She helps to make sure evryones job is done right and try’s to make sure the play is as perfect as can be.

Ms. Levine (theater director)

Q – What goes into making the play?

A – “We start with choosing the play, which requires thinking about a good fit. There are 

workshop auditions and a five-six week rehearsal process.”

A lot of hard work goes into making the fall play. But as Myles said, “every awkward moment is a funny moment”. Even though a lot of work goes into the production, it is still a lot of fun. The play premieres Halloween night. These teachers and students have put a lot of hard work and time into this play, so you should go support them and see this year’s fall play, That’s the Spirit.


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