A Fresh Start


How many Apex high school football games have you attended? How many of those games has Apex won? The past few years have been a dark time for the Cougars. Second year head coach, Britt Morton, hopes to turn this around very soon. The Cougars have been at it for three hours a day, four days a week since the end of this past school year. Because of this,  it is starting to seem like change is right around the corner.

This year the Cougars are led by senior QB Brian Poirier, senior center Aidan McGinnis, and finally senior WR Nick Carlisle. The Cougars are currently 0-4 and will play Durham Jordan at Cougar Stadium this week. Coach Morton will look for his first win back as the head coach of this football team. The cougars will try to bounce back from a loss to Enloe High School.

The most excitement however, is in the future of this football team. The next two years seem to be very promising if you’re a Cougar football fan. The JV football team is currently 1-1, losing a heartbreaker to Green Hope in the first week of action. They then bounced back and beat Sanderson HS. The JV team will play at  Green Level on September 19, 2019. 

So the future is looking up for this football team. They are all putting in an incredible amount of work, taking weight training classes during the day, and practicing after school. All the work that is being put in will soon pay off. That is a valuable lesson to learn from our Cougars; all the work you put in will only make your results better. Come out and support the football team soon!

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