Why You Should Join A Club

Joining clubs is the thing to do in high school; it’s the big step from middle school to the real world. Even if you are like most that are always busy with sports or a job, you should still think about one. Joining a club benefits you in many ways! Rarely do people regret being a part of clubs. Joining a club can help you in many ways, whether it’s with social skills, college, or exploring interests.  Here is why Apex High School supports its clubs. 

Lissette Urey, an FBLA member, simply said, “I joined [Future Business Leaders of America]  because I wanted to become better at speaking and become better at marketing”.

Mr. Fredrick, a History teacher and the sponsor for History Club: “Yeah, definitely you should join a club. I think it’s important that students are involved in out of school activities and make friends in a setting where it’s not completely academic and have the opportunity to meet new people”.

Improving real-world skills

 Most students join to become more advanced in a subject or to improve a skill they will need later on, but after asking what Lissette said how it helped her to adapt to surroundings and become more confident in herself, she also talked about all of the fun it was.

“It’s really, really fun; we do lots of fun things like the competition

spend the weekend in Greensboro and stay in a hotel, and right across the street is a mall”. 

Preparing for College

 We all have heard how important our merit and scholarship are for college, but there is more than that to help you get into college; most colleges look for extracurriculars, like a club. Nowadays, having a good GPA is not enough; you need to show you’re well rounded.  Volunteering, especially in volunteer-based clubs, is also a key piece to prep for college. Apex clubs such as Key Club and National Honor Society are good places to start!

Exploring new Interests

 It’s hard to know what you want to do for the rest of your life when you start high school- or even as you leave, clubs allow you to test the waters in a variety of topics and interests. This is why joining a club is a great thing to do; you can explore lots of things and find something you are truly interested in. There are little to no downsides to joining a club!

Starting your own Club

Take it a step further and start your own! If there is not a club you are interested in, you can make your own club which is very easy to do! You start by going to the student council’s website and filling out a form. You can also start by attending an ICC meeting, or go to their Twitter (@ApexICC) if you’re not able to go to a meeting or to find out more information.

Making New Friends

Clubs are great for forming connections! Clubs can help you tremendously when it comes to being more social. Social skills are needed throughout life. If you are having trouble with it or just want to make new friends, joining a club is a good way to do it.

Joining and creating a club is easy to do. Doing this will benefit you in so many ways, so the question for you now is, “Which club will I join?” 





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