Scott Ferguson’s journey with Apex High through the years

After making the journey back to their original campus, Apex High School isn’t exactly the same as we left it. “The school lost some of its spirit and its title,” said Scott Ferguson, our school’s athletic director.

Mr. Ferguson has been at Apex High School since 1994. He is one of the school’s English teachers, along with our speech teacher. During his twenty-five years of teaching, he will tell you that Apex High isn’t what it used to be. During the transition of moving from and then coming back home, Mr. Ferguson said it was definitely difficult at times. “I think when we moved, it took us away from our identity of being known as Laura Duncan Road,” said Mr. Ferguson, “which then caused some of our spirit and things like that to seem to fade and go away.” For Mr. Ferguson, his hope for the future of Apex, is to bring it back to the life it had in the beginning.

Getting the chance to interview one of the school’s seniors, Abby Clark. She’s been at Apex all four years and has been a part of the Cross Country and Track team and been in chorus. “I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I’ve gotten lost, even to find my car,” Abby Clark laughed. She then added, “Apex is much different than the original campus, but I’m glad we’re back home.” 

Abby Clark mentioned how she hopes the “obnoxious” colors on the walls, will soon find a way to disappear. She also asked the question, “Why are they there?” Well, luckily Mr. Ferguson was able to answer that. The colors on the wall were for identification and emergency purposes. As crazy as that may sound, with the school being so big, they needed a way for students to be able to identify their surroundings in case of an emergency. “Why the colors couldn’t be Apex based and not so bright, I’m not sure.” Mr. Ferguson then goes on after a slight pause to say, “But the green will go, and has already been decided that it shall return the royal green our school represents; instead of the ugly hulk color.”

Getting the chance to ask the graduating senior, Abby Clark some other questions, I asked her something she enjoys about Apex. Whether it be the appearance of things the student body participates in and hosts throughout the year, Abby said she, along with some of her friends, has always enjoyed Apex High around homecoming season. Abby said she loves the dances and the football games when the school comes together to do something as one. Ironically, Mr. Ferguson said he also enjoys the football games and that this is something he hopes as Apex grows over the next couple years, they’ll  keep some of the old traditions.

Mr. Ferguson said during the time he’s been at Apex, the physical changes of the school and what’s inside it have changed. “The school’s staff have just increased greatly over the years,” along with the headcount of students Mr. Ferguson adds. “The courtyard is like the ideal thing for our school at times; it’s something that has changed over the years for sure. The courtyard used to be the main route for students to walk through, a central route, and a communication route between teachers, staff, and students.” Something Mr. Ferguson loves about the new school aside from the courtyard, is also the gym and the logo on the floor. “The logo for our school is something I never want to go away. It left Laura Duncan but then returned with the green in our logo, bringing our school together and bringing us home.”

Mr. Ferguson explained how the school has taken on so much over the years. Something he truly hopes for the future is “the culture of our staff and our student body is known to be helpful: helpful to new teachers, new students, and to everyone who walks in the door. I hope it gains leaders who will keep this alive, who will strengthen the heart and soul of our traditions and the things Apex was born with.” Mr. Ferguson paused, and continued saying, “For the future, I hope that Apex will truly hold on to what we had at the original Apex High. I hope the spirit of Apex comes home along with bringing back our title and bringing Apex at Laura Duncan, back to it’s home.”


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