The Apex High Marching Band: more than instruments

With the school year starting and football season culminating, fall means one other thing: marching band season. The Apex High Marching Band doesn’t get nearly enough recognition for the amount of hard work they do throughout the autumn months. Between football games and practices and competitions, the marching band sure has their hands full. But, because of all the time spent together, the AHSMB is fun and familial and almost has its own culture. It’s about time we take a closer look into one of Apex High’s most accomplished extra curriculars. 

Seniors Abby Justice and Amaya Al-Mussawir have been playing percussion in the band for all four years they’ve been at Apex. 

“The best part of marching band is the very close friendships you make,” says Justice. 

“I would have never met Abby if I didn’t do marching band,” adds Al-Mussawir. “It has been the best years of my life because of her.” 

Because of marching band, Justice and Al-Mussawir are best friends, and they even came together and made their own band called the Moldy Women. 

Jackson Wells, a junior, is also on the marching band team. He plays in the sousaphone section, and he thinks the best part of marching band is the competitions. 

“It really is a combination of all my favorite aspects of marching band,” says Wells. 

This year’s show theme is “Overlord”, so the music and clothing is reflective of the World War era. The football game halftime shows are only a piece of their main show, though; football games are more of a time for the band to have fun and hang out. 

“They are mostly just fun compared to competitions,” Al-Mussawir says. “It’s always a fun time no matter if our [football] team wins or loses.” 

During the game, the band plays music in the first, second, and fourth quarter in the stands. 

“We have to be ready to play at any moment,” explains Wells. 

They also perform the “Star Spangled Banner” beforehand, and the drumline will come out and play during the end of halftime. 

“Football games are a chance to show off what we have been working on, even if the only people paying attention are the band parents,” comments Justice. 

Though it’s a big part of their lives now, marching band wasn’t the first thing they were considering, though. Many of the students joined the program because of the influence it had on the people who went and graduated from AHS before them. 

“I joined marching band due to my sister and Dad both doing it and loving it,” Wells explains. The marching band has always been a big part of Apex High School culture, and past graduates still remember the time they spent. The AHSMB will be a staple at Apex High for many years to come, and our alumni will surely never forget the memories they made while on it.

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