Meet Miss Locher – our newest French teacher

Recently, I had the opportunity to talk to one of our new French teachers, Miss Locher. This is her first year teaching and she’s thrilled about working at Apex High, since she’s heard so many good things. Below she tells all about how she came to be a teacher, why she chose French, and about her time being a high schooler in China!

Emma: What is your name, the class you teach, and where you graduated?

Locher: My name is Miss Locher; I teach French, and I graduated from the University of Mary Washington, which is in south DC. 

Emma: Why did you choose Apex? Did you teach somewhere else before coming here? 

Locher: This is my first year as a full-time teacher. After I graduated, I subbed for a year in Wake County, so I got to try out all the different schools. I got to teach for Ms. Parti when you guys were over at the Green Level School – loved it – so I was more than happy to come here. My sister actually taught at Apex Middle, so I know a few of you guys. Like I said before, I did subbing, but also from October to May this past year I was a teacher assistant in France, so that really gave me the go that, “yes, I really want to be a teacher.” 

Emma: Why French?

Locher: I studied French and Spanish in high school and university, and I applied for it and got it. I love the culture; I just think it’s such a fun language, the people are so loving. I know the stereotype is that French people can be a little aggressive, and I’ve found that not to be true. I love it and hope to share it with everyone. 

Emma: What made you want to be a teacher? Did you have a good, strong, student life? 

Locher: I went to high school in China, and it was very academicbased, and it was lots of fun. Teachers really gave students the responsibility to take care of their own education, and I really want to do that here. I want to keep giving you guys that opportunity to choose what you want to do and encourage you to make good choices and how you can reach your goals. For the longest time I didn’t want to be a teacher. For the longest time after I graduated, I looked into doing the foreign service, and I took a test for it, and it wasn’t until I started subbing and especially being a teacher’s assistant for high school students over in France, I was like, “okay, this is for me.” I love hanging out with high school students because you guys are fun, especially French class because usually students choose to take French over Spanish, so it’s nice to have that. 

Emma: What’s your favorite thing about teaching high schoolers? 

Locher: You can communicate with them on a different level than elementary schoolers and middle schoolers. You guys aren’t quite as moody;sometimes you can be, but it’s okay, I still love you for it. Oh, also games. I love to go watch you guys or whatever your thing is, whether it’s music, I’ll love to go see the concert. 

Emma: What drives you crazy about teaching high schoolers? 

Locher: I guess when students talk over me, but all of my classes have been good so far, so hopefully it’ll continue. Before I started working here, I heard that Apex had a really good reputation, so I was excited to work here. 

Emma: What was your second choice of career, behind teaching?

Locher: I never really knew, to be honest, what I wanted to do. Like I said before, the foreign service was something I wanted to do because of languages, and I also studied international affairs in college, but that is definitely a career for someone who is super passionate about politics, very much wanting to make a difference in the world, and when I found I had a passion for teaching, I really went for it. 

Emma: What advice would you give to students reading this right now? 

Locher: Just go for it; who cares what other people think? You’re at an age where you can try anything and everything, and it does not matter. Just be openminded. 

Emma: What do you have for your future?

Locher: I really just looking forward to being here for the next ten-plus years. This is such a great community. I help out with the tennis teams, so I really want to see that program develop. You guys come back in ten years and say, “Hi Miss Locher, this is where I am now!” I really want that. 

We can look forward to seeing Miss Locher for years to come. She’s very excited about the French language and culture, so be sure to stop by and talk to her! Welcome to Apex, Miss Locher!

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