Seniors’ Favorite High School Memories

It’s the end of the school year, and graduation for the class of 2019 is almost here! Before saying farewell to our seniors, read below to see what their best memories from their four years at Apex High School are!

Will Gibson

When asked what his favorite memory from Apex was, Gibson thought of multiple fun moments from classes he’s taken over the years. First he remembered a shark dissection he did in Mr. Nagel’s class and how the fan had been broken but finally started working again to air out the room. Gibson said this moment was memorable because “we could finally breathe without gagging in his room,” and he warned, “Don’t dissect a shark without having an exhaust fan in the classroom.” After thinking about it for a little bit longer, Gibson came up with another favorite memory of his which was making a lip dub in Mr. Ferguson’s senior English class. He described, “We got to pick a song, dress up, and have fun making a lip dub instead of doing a boring project. We made it to a Taylor Swift song, and I did it with my friends, so it was pretty fun.” Gibson said what he’s going to miss most about Apex are the people: his teachers, his friends, and his PEPI students.

Luke Schiltz

Schiltz did not have one specific favorite memory from his time at Apex but instead said his time in his physical education pupil instructor (PEPI) class has been his favorite experience. He detailed, “PEPI has definitely been the most enjoyable part of my high school career. PEPI is where we do camp counseling or gym teacher training for elementary schoolers. We go to different elementary schools every day and play games with the kids in the classes.” Schiltz was in agreement with Gibson in that what he will remember and miss the most from Apex are the people and all of the friends he’s made over the past four years. Of course, Schiltz is excited for the future, and he explained, “I’m really excited for college and seeing what happens and what I end up doing because right now my major seems really hard, and I don’t think I’m going to stick with it. I’m just excited to see what happens and where I go after college.” We wish him all the best!

Margaret Matthews

Matthews instantly knew that her favorite memory from all of high school was her sophomore year DECA International Career Development Conference (ICDC) trip. She recounted her experience, saying, “We went to Anaheim, California. That was my first time flying, my first time going on a big trip without my family, my first time on the west coast, and it was really exciting because I was only sixteen then. I was really proud of the project that I had made that year and that I was able to place. Being on stage to go to Internationals was such a thrilling feeling.” Matthews has really enjoyed her time at Apex, and she continued with, “Apex has shaped me into the person I am. I honestly love Apex; I love the people here. I feel like extracurriculars are what shaped me the most with both Key Club and DECA. Mr. O and Ms. FB with DECA and then Ms. Dott with Key Club have definitely been big leaders in my life, and the opportunities I’ve gotten through the clubs have allowed me to become a leader and grow into myself. The extracurriculars, the clubs, all the students leading those clubs, and everyone being so collaborative is definitely my favorite thing from my past four years here.” Although she will miss the people at Apex, Matthews is incredibly excited for college, specifically stating, “I’m excited for all of the opportunities in college especially the study abroad programs, internships, and to finally take the ideas I’ve learned in high school and begin to apply them.”

It’s great to hear from the seniors that they are graduating from AHS with many wonderful memories and friendships from the past four years, and they should know that they will always have a home here at Apex. This group of seniors will be dearly missed, and we wish them all the best in their future endeavors. Congratulations to the class of 2019!

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