Powder Puff Football: What You Might Have Missed

On Thursday, May 23, many Apex High girls came out and showed what they could do on the football field. They all did a great job and showed off some impressive football skills. During these games the freshmen were in white, sophomores in gold, juniors in green, and seniors in black.

In an impressive 35-0 game the seniors won against the freshmen. Then the juniors beat the sophomores 14-2. In the final game the juniors won after an amazing touchdown by Hayden Tarpey in overtime against the seniors. The final score was close at 14-7. Sara Moushigan on the senior team scored the most touchdowns.

“The energy the juniors had was unbeatable. We had a great group of girls, and everybody contributed in some way or another. I’m really proud of how hard we worked and prouder that we won. It was a really exciting night; I don’t think I’ll be forgetting it anytime soon,” said junior Demaree Persson.

All of the ladies who participated in this event did a fabulous job. Some of the games were really close; in the end everyone played hard and did well. Congratulations to the juniors for winning this year’s Powder Puff Football game!

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