An Interview with a committed athlete but not your typical story.

My friend Lexy committed to The University of Maine at Fort Kent about two weeks ago, and I am so proud of her! Whoop-whoop! I wanted to share her story for future athletes whose commitment process is unconventional. Read more below on the interview I had with Lexy earlier this week.

Name: Lexy Mitchell

Sport: Soccer

School: University of Maine at Fort Kent

What is your main motivation for doing athletics? I feel like soccer is a part of my life. I don’t know who I would be if I didn’t do it. I think I would just be Lexy Mitchell…who? Like question mark. I also think I would be fat.

What excites you most about a college career as a student athlete? The people really excite me. The travel is going to be huge. Getting to play the sport I love for four more years.

I understand that your experience with committing to a school is unlike those of your peers. Could you tell me more about that?

Originally I committed to Saint Andrews University, and I loved it. Then a new opportunity came around while I was still committed, and you know, I just said… I wouldn’t want to question my choices and say, “I never went. I never saw it. Maybe I would have loved it.” I decommitted, I went to this new school (still with the offer from Saint Andrews), and I went on the visit. I loved it.

Even more than the other school?

Yes, I really really liked it. I immediately thought, “I can really see myself here.”

How did these schools find you? Did they attend some of your games, reach out on a website, how did that happen? One coach saw me at a showcase before I had committed, you know? This coach in particular was also with a different school at the time. He hunted me down because he thought I was good. For another school I went and visited because I really liked it. I actually ended up pursuing them instead of the other way around. This was for the University of Maryland at Baltimore County. I went to the school, I emailed them, you know. Saint Andrews actually emailed me sight unseen. He had just seen my profile online, and he told me to come down for a visit, and I did a tryout situation, and he really liked me. That was about it.

Is there anything else you would like to share? Maybe advice for future athletes who will be committing?

I would tell them to honestly just know that they have time. I feel like it stresses student athletes out when they see that all of their friends have committed or learn about offers that other teammates are getting, but it will happen for you. It will happen. It may not be in your time frame, but it will happen eventually. I went to a skills camp once when I was a freshman, and one of the coaches there told us that “there is a college out there for every student athlete.” It may not be the college for you, but it is out there. I thought that was a really good piece of advice that he gave us that day.

Did you come into high school knowing you wanted to be an athlete playing soccer in college?

I knew that I wanted to play college soccer for my whole life pretty much. Especially when I was little I thought I would play pro at the time, but I always knew. I’ve always known that I wanted to make college soccer a main part of my life. My recruiting process started late sophomore year.

Congratulations again to my friend, Lexy Mitchell, on sealing the deal for her college commitment process. I know from behind the scenes she has worked so hard throughout high school to get to this point. You go, girl!


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