Taylor Swift is back

Taylor Swift is back! Yes, you heard it right; it is not a rumor, not a theory. It is the truth. We are already in a new era, and apparently, it is going to be a bright one. The fans started to notice this change a few months ago when the style of her Instagram pictures radically changed. She went from those dark pictures, from the Reputation era, to happy and bright images full of color and light. Some fans went crazy; they started to count the number of holes in one picture, the number of stairs in another… trying to figure out when the new music would come out. In the end, it was Taylor Swift who posted one story on Instagram. It was just a countdown, thirteen days, but we all knew what that meant; the beginning of her seventh album era.

After a lot of patience, suffering, and small clues that Taylor Swift gave us on her account, finally, it was the moment. April 26, 12 a.m. The next day, there was school, but that was not important in that moment. Thousands of people watched the premiere of this wonderful song called “ME!”. The video broke records. In twenty-four hours, it already had 65.2 million views on YouTube, exceeding the song by Ariana Grande “Thank you, next”.

As always, Taylor Swift sent us a lot of clues on the video to enjoy and have fun with, to become detectives. We can see things like her new cat, important buildings of London (a reference to Joe Alwyn, her boyfriend), and the phone that she used in “Our Song”. She also said that the name of her second single and the name of her album are hidden in the video. The fans, of course, went crazy when they found out about that and tried to figure it out. The most famous hypothesis are “Kaleidoscope” and “Home”. The first name is because a kaleidoscope is a group of butterflies, her new symbol. It also means something that continuously changes, and there is a kaleidoscope in the video. The second name is because some scenes of the video make you think of the Wizard of Oz (when they are trying to return home) and Mary Poppins (she arrives at a home). She said that the Christmas tree featured in the video was also a clue, and she used to live on a Christmas tree farm.

She opened the Billboard Music Awards last Wednesday (May 1) with Brendon Urie, and she has been very active on her social media lately. So, yes, she is back. She has done some radio interviews where she claimed that this song does not have really complicated lyrics; it is the typical pop song that gets stuck in your head. She wanted that, if you cannot stop thinking about one song, at least, it should have a positive message because this song talks about your individuality and how special you are. She also explained that this first single does not represent the whole album; there will be very different songs with deep lyrics to come.

We will have more information soon. Can you wait? I, definitely, cannot. So, if you have not watched her new video yet, what are you waiting for? And maybe you will be able to discover a new Easter egg. Are you ready for it?

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