A ‘Thank You’ to Our Teachers

May 6-10 is Teacher Appreciation Week! We are incredibly fortunate to have such amazing teachers here at Apex, and now is a perfect time to let them know that their hard work does not go unnoticed. Our teachers do so much for us every single day; they are there for us during the week in class, at lunch, and after school, they are grading our assignments on the weekends, and they are spending their time at home coming up with new ideas for helping us learn and grow. They wake up early to come teach us, and their duties don’t end when the bell rings at 2:03. They bring our classrooms to life with their energy and engage us in subjects we never had an interest in before. They make learning fun and create memories with us that we will all remember for years. They are patient with us and are the ones who never give up on us even when we don’t believe in ourselves. They accommodate the needs of each individual student and sacrifice so much to help us succeed. They are generous and selfless and do what is best for us even if it is not what’s easiest for them. They are our role models; we look up to them, and they are the kind of people we hope to become one day. These are our teachers, and we appreciate them more than they will ever know.

We all know that a good teacher completely changes your experience at school: how much you enjoy a class, how much you learn, and your interest in a subject are all influenced by the teacher. Junior Ayesha Darekar expressed this thought, saying, “I want to thank Ms. Barritt because she’s so patient when she teaches calculus, and she just does it so well. It doesn’t take long to understand the concepts. She is really organized with the curriculum, and she gives you more confidence with the AP exam.” Darekar also talked about the importance of letting our teachers know we appreciate them, mentioning, “I think students should give their teachers chocolates or other sweets to treat them or get them a gift card! No matter the size of what you do, it shows that you really care about them.”

Students, be sure to thank your teachers today; our dreams and goals would not be possible without them, and to any teachers reading this, know that you are changing lives for the better each and every day, and no words can fully express the magnitude of our appreciation for you.

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