Lacrosse Playoff Predictions

Apex lacrosse has made it to the playoffs! This Friday, you can buy your tickets for the upcoming up games, women’s varsity and men’s varsity. Eight dollars will cover both playoff games but sports passes can not be used. To represent Apex, you can wear a white shirt on Friday for White out Friday. Come join us to celebrate our team and Apex as one.

With the playoffs just moments away, people have many insights on how the games will turn out and how far our team will make it. Players on the lacrosse team have many predictions on what could happen; here are just a few of them. They say that Apex will make it all the way to the finals based on how well we have played in the past. We only lost two games on the men’s varsity team. Middle creek and Cardinal Gibbons have been doing very well this season and could possibly make it all the way to the finals as well. Since we lost to Middle Creek, it is very possible that we could lose to them again. The women’s team hasn’t lost many games as well and could possibly make it all the way to the finals. We are all very excited to see how these games turnout. Whether we win or not, all that matters is that we have fun and enjoy our time at Apex High.

In the end, Apex will play their hardest and do their best to beat the other teams. It has been a great season for all the lacrosse teams, including the men’s team and women’s. As a team we are strong and unified; that will lead us to winning the playoffs. Don’t forget your Cougar spirit on the field, in the classroom, and in your community.

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