Habits: they are what keeps us going

There are many different types of habits people have; some are very toxic and awful for you, such as biting your nails or smoking, but other habits can be very helpful and beneficial to you, such as studying or exercising more. Everyone has habits and uses their habits throughout the day. Breaking habits can be very difficult while starting new ones can be easy; sometimes we start habits without even realizing it. Habits grow stronger and more natural every time you do the motion; they are almost like a routine. It only takes a minimum of twenty-one days to create a new habit, which is less than a month. If you are looking to start some healthy new habits, here are some steps to do so!

  • Start very small.

It is important that you start with small changes or additions to your routine. Many people want to make big changes such as working out three times a week when before they did not work out at all. Sometimes making big changes like that can be too much work or too difficult, which can ruin your motivation or even make you want to quit. So instead of going to work out three times a week, you could start by going once a week and doing some simple exercises to transition you into doing more later.

  • Have good and clear intentions.

Make sure you are serious about creating this new habit and that you are willing to do what it takes to create it. Think more “I will” instead of “I’ll try.” Three good strategies are: “implementation intention, habit stacking, and implement scheduling.” The strategy “Implementation intention” is when you word your habit with the “If/Then” statement such as “If I finish my homework, then I will start working out.” The other strategy “Habit stacking” is basically pairing your new habit with another similar habit you have done before. The “implement scheduling” strategy is scheduling a time for your new habit.

  • Be focused on your habit.

Make sure you remember to repeat your habit every day or week. That way it will start to feel natural to do, and you can even create visuals or reminders to help you stay on track. By creating these visuals and reminders, you will also be able to see your progress and how much time and effort you have put into this habit. The more you repeat your habit, the easier it becomes.

  • Celebrating all your wins.

It is always really important to celebrate any goals you achieve big or small. Getting upset over mistakes can be really easy, so you need to make sure to think positive and celebrate even the smallest of victories. As you reward yourself for doing well, you start to get more motivated, and you feel a pull towards doing the habit.

  • Control your environment.

Being in a space that you feel comfortable but focused in definitely helps to create your habit. If you try working out in your room, you might get distracted more easily because you could have your phone, T.V, laptop, books, or homework in your room. While if you go to the gym or even a different room in your house, you would be more focused since there are fewer distractions. Your surroundings sometimes determine your behavior so being in a space with few electronics and food can help keep your mind on track.

  • Be near people that support you.

The people in our lives have a very big impact on our behavior and choices. Being around people who support and encourage you helps motivate you to do well and try your best. If you are around people who don’t support you, it can really hurt your self-confidence, and that can make you unmotivated.

  • Change your mindset.

It always helps to have a positive mindset and outlook on any goals. Changing your mindset to a long term outlook can help you work towards your goal. It is also easier to complete things if you look on the positive side instead of focusing on the negative aspects. Try to view setbacks as obstacles that you will soon overcome.

Creating new healthy habits is not always easy, but they can end up being really beneficial. If you work hard and try these helpful steps, then your new habit might come easier and more natural than expected.

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