What is Nostalgia and is it good or bad?

When you see an old stuffed animal bear or a hill that you remember playing on as a kid, you get a warm feeling. This is called nostalgia. Nostalgia is to desire something that has a occurred in the past. The item or place holds a sentimental value to you because of the joy that you get from the memory of it. This could be anything from toys you used to play with to foods you would eat. Most of the time, it is places and landmarks you remember. Nostalgia is something that everyone experiences. In the future we will think back on being in high school and all the memories from Apex. Could too much of thinking back be bad?

Nostalgia usually has a love-hate effect on a person. It brings up old happy memories but can be saddening at the same time. The best way that scientist have described this feeling is by being homesick while on a trip. This can be negative or positive on someone’s attitude. If you think of a happy memory, your spirit will be uplifted. Other times you could get sad by thinking about something that happened that brought sorrow. Death and loneliness are two examples of how looking back can be harmful. Nostalgia is very healthy and occurs in everyone, but thinking about the past too much can leave one feeling gloomy. Nostalgia is an emotion that can occur out of nowhere, or it can be triggered by almost anything.

Think about that time when an old song that you used to listen to on repeat two years ago came on and then a bunch of memories from that time bounced around in your head. That is an example of nostalgia. Anything, especially music and places, can trigger the feeling of nostalgia. Random smells can trigger a singular memory from five years ago that you forgot you had.

In conclusion, nostalgia is just another weird thing that all humans experience. It can give you a feeling of joy and comfort but also the feeling of longing for the past. This can be negative or positive on someone; it depends on how you react to nostalgia.There are many things that can give someone nostalgia like sentimental items you used to use or old places you visited when you were younger. Nostalgia can mean many things, but it is a nice reminder that the past is very valuable to remember and cherish.

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