FCCLA States

Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) is a club offered at Apex High. It revolves around Family and Consumer Sciences (FACS); home economics, culinary, and fashion are all in the FACS department. At FCCLA states you choose a STAR Event that you will compete in, and you will have to do some sort of a project. The type of project and the other work you do will all depend on which STAR Event you are in.

This year states was on April 1-3, and twenty-four Apex High students went to FCCLA States. Out of those twenty-four students, nine qualified for Nationals in Anaheim, California, and two qualified for the Junior Chef in Kentucky. All of these students, if they choose to go, will go and present the same project at Nationals. There will be opportunities for scholarship money and national titles. It will be a week full of fun and new adventures. This year they even get to go to Disneyland while they are there.

Looking forward, all of the students heading to nationals are preparing for the tough competition and excited for all of the fun they are going to have. Next year Nationals will be in Washington D.C., so you should start thinking about joining FCCLA. The club is a lot of fun and offers a lot of great opportunities. During my time in FCCLA, my communication, public speaking skills, and business skills have all improved. Start thinking about what FCCLA could do for you. Join next year and truly experience all of these great opportunities.

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