Tennis at Apex

The spring season has already started, and we have a lot of interesting and fun sports coming.
The days are longer, the weather is warmer, and there’s cheerful energy all around. Take
advantage of this and go outside to enjoy the day. Maybe the tryouts have passed, and you
missed your opportunity to join a sport at the school, but you can still find other ways to
Mr Conway is a new teacher in Apex High School. Apart from teaching, he is also a tennis
coach. Discover more about him and about tennis at our school. Maybe you’ll find it
interesting and want to join next year!

What do you coach?
“Men’s Tennis.”

When do the practices take place?
“February to May. We practice Monday through Thursday, 2:30-4:30.”

Have you had any games yet? Did you win?

“We are currently 5-0, undefeated!”

What do you do during the practices? Explain your routine.
“Practices vary depending on the day. We try to make drills as competitive as possible. We
always end with conditioning.”

Why did you decide to become a coach?
“I love sports and enjoy working with students outside of the classroom.”

What is the best part of being a coach? And the worst?

“The best part is building relationships with my players and seeing them succeed on the court
and grow as teammates. The toughest part is the time commitment.”

Is it like teaching a class? What are the differences? And the things in common?

“A lot of the main principles of teaching are similar to coaching. I need to give clear
instructions for every drill, provide feedback, and support my students/players. The
difference is that I can make my tennis players run when they aren’t doing what they are
supposed to.”

Do you have the same relationship with your students that you have with the people
you coach?
“Yes, I am more or less the same person as a coach and as a teacher.”

What is your experience with tennis?
“I am not a very good tennis player, but I love watching tennis and working to help my
players improve.”

Have you coached before? How was it?
“I coached high school lacrosse for three years before this.”

Why should people do tennis instead of other sports?
“We have lots of juniors and seniors on the team, so we need younger players to step up in
the next year or two, so we can maintain the same level of success we are having now.”

Thank you, Mr. Conway, for sharing all this information with us. Now that you know more
about tennis practices, give it a chance; you will make a lot of friends, and you will have
wonderful experiences. Do not miss it!

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