If it ain’t broke, don’t buy a new one

     Ah, time to talk about how I wish I could get by with a flip phone. Before you read the article, I encourage you to check out Matt D’Avella’s YouTube video “The Era of Upgrades”. I was inspired to write more about minimalism after watching his video. He is an outstanding creator, his attention to detail is insane, and his videography and humor are great. I love his channel. Anyway, in this video he speaks on how phones are manufactured and changed ever so slightly to make you feel the need to buy a new one. These changes don’t do much to improve the user experience or actual capabilities of the phone but instead are put in place as a status symbol. The best example D’Avella gave of this was using the company Apple–a notoriously expensive, “premium” brand of tech (in my opinion, they’re definitely overrated and you can find similar phones at a much more reasonable price…anyways). With each roll out of new phones, a slight change is made on the hardware to make each new phone distinguishable from the old one. One of their latest releases, the iPhone X has two cameras–an easily detectable feature. For those willing to dole out nearly one grand for the shiny new phone, those around you will know you are able to afford this new technology. Lewis Hilsenteger was featured in a clip of D’Avella’s video this saying, “You don’t feel that all that much has changed. Slap another camera on and then people are gonna look at the new device and say ‘Oh, I got it it’s new.’ You need a way physically for people around you to know when you place it on the table or hold it to your head that its newer, better, and you had the money to buy it.”  

     I can remember when I was a freshman (oh my gosh that was three years ago) when Apple rolled out phones in a new color–not even a better phone…just a new color…that people in my classes were ditching their “old” phones to go out and get the same model of phone in this new colorway–rose gold. How wasteful is that? How many of us know the proper way to dispose of our unwanted tech? Are you selling it? Throwing it in the trash (you’re not supposed to do that, by the way), or bringing it to someone who can reuse those materials? “Don’t go broke trying to look rich; act your wage.” This quote is everything!

     I think it all goes back to the fear of missing out. No teenager wants to be the kid who stands out from the crowd, to wear the clothes that are for comfort instead of what’s trendy. But why take the time and money to stress about keeping up with the Joneses when they could move any minute?

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