Developments in Apex

Apex is a charming town placed in the middle of North Carolina and established in 1873. It is about a seventeen mile radius and around twenty minutes from Raleigh. It was named the best place to live in the United States by Money Magazine in 2015. It is constantly growing in popularity and in population. From the 1990’s to the 2000’s there was a more than ten percent jump in the populations annual growth. We now have a little over 50,000 people in just Apex alone. In the last twenty years Apex has increased by over half its population.

The average age that people are in Apex is thirty-six to thirty-eight, also the age when people tend to start families. There are thirteen schools in the Apex area, including three private schools. Having many schools is a great advantage as a growing community. There are more educated people. The more schools there are, the more people want to move their family there. Their children will get a better education and have a better chance for the future. This means that Apex is in demand for more homes because of how many new growing family’s are moving here.

In Apex, the average household family size is about three to four people. Town homes are the most resourceful type of house in a growing town. It has benefits for the client and developer. Town homes are long and narrow but right next to each other in a row. They can have from two to four bedrooms and can be more affordable than a stand alone house. For a family of three this is the perfect living space. Also, these type of houses are right next to each other, which means more can be constructed for less.

With more homes being built there will be more cars on the road. West Williams Street is one of the main roads that is used in Apex. It starts at East Williams street and becomes Highway 55. Then it runs through the historic downtown part of Apex and straight into the main shopping centers, Beaver Creek. It intersects Highway 64 which goes to North Carolina’s capital, Raleigh. Even though this is possibly one of the most active streets in Apex, some of it is still only two lanes. There is too much stress on this road considering the amount of cars that use it each day just to go home and to work.

How will the Apex populace be able to sustain itself with it growing so quickly in people but still having a poor road system? In the main cities around the world, there are transportation systems like a subway or Amtrak. Apex is not as big as these cities, but it is still busy and in need of a better way for travel. Having some type of railway that connects the main towns in North Carolina will be efficient and safe. Less cars on the road, less car accidents. Also, expanding the roads in certain areas will help out with traffic.

Who knows how large the population in the next twenty years. Will Apex be ready to reach the demands of its growing community? With a better road system or an easier way to travel, like a passenger railway, there would be less stress on the roads and less traffic. As a result of this, there would be a drop in fatalities from accidents on the road.

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