We Have a Hockey Team?

Not many people know this, but Apex High School has a roller hockey team. Actually… they have two, a varsity, and a JV team. For the past four years, the Varsity team has won every game and had an undefeated season. Until this year. This year on January 23 Apex Cougar Hockey lost for the first time in years against Holly Springs in a 10-7 loss. The championship game is on Wednesday, March 20, so I decided to interview a new player on the varsity team this year about their experiences and how they think the game will turn out.

Michael Vaglia, Sophomore

Q: How long have you played roller hockey for?

A: I have been playing roller hockey in an organized league since I was five (ten years).

Q: Do you play ice hockey too?

A: Yes, I play for the Rogue Warriors with fellow Cougar Hockey player Zack Robinson.

Q: If you do what do you like better, Ice hockey or roller hockey?

A: I prefer Ice Hockey due to the speed and more physical nature than roller hockey.

Q: How is the season going so far?

A: Really good; I’m third on the team in points, and we are heading to the championship. Plus the guys on the team make it fun, and our student section has made it a hundred times better.

Q: What is the atmosphere of the team?

A: It is very laid back and goofy, but we are good when it comes to switching our attitude to win in case a game is in jeopardy.

Q: Do you prefer to play offense or defense?

A: I prefer offense since that is what I normally play in ice hockey.

Q: What is your favorite thing about roller hockey?

A: The high scoring games always make it interesting.

Q: What was different on the night of the game you lost against Holly Springs?

A: The difference was we did not play a team game, and we did not have our head coach, Bob Robinson.

Q: How do you think the team will do in the finals next Wednesday?

A: I believe we will win due to our offensive attack that overwhelms the other teams.

Q: How do you feel about the season coming to an end soon?

A: It is bittersweet; I’ll miss playing but playoffs are the best time of the year, so it should end on a positive note.

Apex Cougar Hockey is not very well known because they do not practice or have games at the school. Their games are every Wednesday night at XL Sports. Do not forget to come out and support them, especially for the Championship game on March 20!!

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