Children of Eden Reflection

     Apex Peak Players were back at it again with their amazing acting skills. Our very own Apex Peak Players recently performed the musical Children of Eden with the help of many parent volunteers, Mr.Gurkin, Mr. Jarvis, Mrs. Copley, and the wonderful director Ms. Levine. Their performance was heart-warming, and as Mr. Williams put it, “ These students have truly shown what it means to be PEAK.”

     Students at Apex were a bit skeptical about the show because of its religious title, but the show’s true meaning went way deeper than its religious aspects. The show had a variety of different themes, themes like family, choices, love, and forgiveness, which truly moved its audience, sometimes even to the point of tears. The show was not about God or Christianity but about making the right choices and forgiving those who don’t.

     The show was definitely a challenge. The set, lighting, sound, costumes, and music was all incredibly difficult to put together. The set included a tall and realistic ark of Noah. The lighting and sound took long, hard hours to get just right with about three hundred different light cues. The costumes had to include countless animals. In comparison to last year’s musical Cinderella, this show had a grand total of eighteen ensemble songs whereas Cinderella had three. This is not even including individual character songs or background music! Although it was hard work, the Peak Players were able to pull off an amazing show. Additionally, we were able to build an incredibly close and loving cast and crew. Make sure you share what you thought of the show on Instagram or Twitter and tag us at @ApexPeakPlayers.


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