The Pressure is on

The Pressure is on

Q: What is your full name?

A: My name is Zach Vigue.

Q: What school do you currently attend?

A: I go to Apex High School.

Q: What class are you in?

A: I’m a Junior.

Q: What sport are you presently playing?

A: Right now, I’m playing spring Varsity Lacrosse.

Q: How well do you handle pressure?

A: I usually handle pressure pretty good. To be honest, I like being under pressure in sports; I feel like it enhances my performance.

Q: What’s a normal day look like for you with practice? What’s a normal game day look like?

A: I wake up, attend school, finish my homework, and then I head to practice which is about 2-21/2 hours. Sometimes after I’ll continue with homework if I have any.

I grab my game day clothes (uniform or suit) and attend school and I then go home. I go back to school later in the day for a game day meeting, and then I get ready for game and play.

Q: How much sleep do you get? Do you feel like you get enough sleep?

I’ll say around six hours each night. Absolutely not.

Q: When are your practices? Frequent?

A: Every weekday and few Saturdays throughout the season.

Q: How would you say you manage school and lacrosse?

A: I handle them pretty well; I like to keep my grades looking good.

Q:  The school makes you maintain academic standing in order to participate? How do you feel about that?

A: The level they need to reach is 2.5 GPA, and I’m pretty good in school; I take classes I know will advance me and accommodate lacrosse.

Q: Do you focus on sports over your grades? If no, how do you balance it?

A: Not usually, they’re side by side. I balance and schedule my work to make it out beforehand. I’m pretty organized, you can say.

Q: Between school and lacrosse, have you ever sacrificed one of the other for something?

A: Yes, both, I had to go to tutoring to get help and  miss practice, and miss an assignment or two because of practice or a game.

Q: Do you feel any pressure from the crowd?

A: No, I don’t.

Q: Your coach expects a lot; do you think he puts too much on you?

A: No, he really just wants the best for everyone. Scholarships are major for athletes, so by him pushing us harder makes it easier for our future, like college.

Q: Do you ever downsize the importance of your lacrosse?

A: No, it’s important.

Q: Have you ever experienced anxiety, before or during a game?

A: Of course, everyone gets nervous once in a while. I usually play and have fun with my teammates before the game starts; it helps me get all my jitters out. My teammates are my best friends, and we all help each other.

Q: Have you ever expressed anger during a game? From what? How did you handle it?

A: Yes, I’ve had bad officiating and frustrated with the way I played, knowing I could’ve done better.

Q: Have you ever had an injury?

A: Yes, I’ve had a concussion.

Q: How did you feel about it?

A: In off season, I had to sit out some practices, but I still went to observe and root for team.

Q: Were you offered a scholarship?

A: Yes, the effort I put into lacrosse helped me achieve that goal, and I am very proud of myself.

Q: What do you do outside of school and soccer?

A: I really enjoy hanging out with friends and my girlfriend or my family. When I have the time I don’t like to waste it, I’m always doing something.

Q: Do you feel overwhelmed with the activities in your life?

A: Sometimes, it can get very overwhelming, but I surround my life with people that are there to help me through it.

Q: Anything you like to add?

A: I think that the pressure of a high school athlete depends on the person, the classes, and the sport. Everyone is different; I really take time to plan out my schedule and try my best to make sure I get everything done.

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