Interview with Chase Meagher

Chase Meagher is one of Apex’s newest recruits on our women’s lacrosse team. She is one of two of the freshmen that made the varsity team. She has a lot of potential based on her past experiences and plenty of room to grow as a player. She will make Apex proud on the field. Below is a quick interview about her past lacrosse experiences and what it is like to play for Apex.

When did you start playing Lacrosse?

When I was seven. My mom wanted me to play a sport, and lacrosse was popular at the time.

What do you like about Lacrosse?

I like having a team and making friends very easily. It is a lot of fun to play.

Have you been on any previous teams before playing for Apex? How many?

I’ve played for three previous teams.

Is there any stress with having homework and being on the team?

Yes, because when I come home from stuff, like practice, I don’t want to do any homework, and I want to sleep. So I don’t usually do my work since lacrosse makes me very tired.

Do you get stress or nervous before a game?

Yes, but I am also very excited to be there.

Do you enjoy playing defense or offense?

I play defense, so I enjoy playing defense.

How do you like playing for Apex?

I love playing for Apex; everyone is very nice. I like the people here, and I like to play lacrosse with them.

Why do you think you made varsity?

Honestly I have no idea. I played for Coach Baggs before this season, and he saw me play there, and he saw that I could improve because I improved a lot from the first game to the last. He saw my potential.

What is your favorite part of a game?

I like to cheer people on either on the field or from the sideline. I like the energy before the game; everyone is really upbeat and positive.

Do you plan to play for Apex next year?


What is your least favorite thing about lacrosse?

I don’t like practicing on Saturdays.

If there was a rule you could change, what would it be?

Full body checking.

Lacrosse is a very fun and active sport to play. Apex has already won many games on the men’s and women’s lacrosse teams. Chase is one of many talented and skilled players on the varsity team. Most importantly she is one of many admired students at Apex High.

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