International Women’s Day- 8th of March

The 8th of March was a really important date. It was International’s Women Day. Women from every part of the world raise their voices to fight for their rights and for an equal world. It is already 2019, and there is still a lot of inequality based on the gender. Sexism is everywhere: at work, at school, in the media… Things have gotten better after all these centuries, thanks to the effort and the suffering of millions of brave women, but it is not done yet. This fight is a long journey, and we are still in the middle of it.

There has been sexism since the beginning of time. Up until one hundred years ago, the role of women was to stay at home and take care of the house and the children. They were not able to study, have a job, and contribute to the society. They could not make any decision or have their own money or properties, and they belonged to their husband or father.

In the history books, they do not give much recognition to these facts. They talk about all these wars, acts, and political issues, but they do not mention women. They forget about half of the society. The truth is that a lot of women have been inventors, physicists, painters… But all their work is not recognized. One example is Rosalind Franklin. She discovered the DNA double helix. James Watson and Francis Crick participated in the discovery of the double helix structure, and they won a Noble prize. Rosalind Franklin was not even mentioned in the article that was published, and without her, they would not have discovered anything. You can find more information about underrated women in science by clicking here.

Things started to change at the end of the 18th century. The concept of feminism appeared. Some people think that feminism means that women are better than men. That is not correct. This proves that people should be more educated about this entire concept because it means “equality between men and women”. Since then, there have been different waves and movements. Here, you can find more information about the history of feminism.

Last year, during the 8th of March, a lot of things took place.

“Millions of women gathered across the world to strike, protest and party to mark International Women’s Day on Thursday.

Trains stopped in Spain as female workers went on the country’s first “feminist” strike, newspapers dropped their prices for women in France, and the IWD flag flew over the UK parliament.

In India, women marched in several cities including Delhi, Karachi and Kolkata, and women also took to the streets in Bangladesh, Belarus, Nepal, Pristina and Ankara among many others.

It was a day of celebration and a day in which the message was spelt out that much work still needed to be done to achieve global gender equality”.


This year, something big is going to happen, too. Let’s continue fighting for you, your wives, daughters, and friends; for all the women of the world. Sadly, in a lot of countries, women do not have rights yet. It is time to change that. So, go to the streets and join a protest. Raise your voice along with all these men and women who want the same as you: equality in the world.



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