AHS Students’ Favorite Classes

There is such a large variety of classes offered at Apex that it’s difficult to select only eight to take for next year. If you’re struggling to decide what classes to sign up for, continue reading to find out what classes other AHS students have enjoyed. Based on their descriptions, hopefully you’ll be able to gather whether or not these classes would be a good fit for you!

Senior Rachel Mobley

As a senior, Rachel Mobley has completed many classes at Apex, so choosing one favorite was difficult for her. She narrowed it down to two, saying that AP Chemistry and band are her favorite classes she’s taken. Mobley explained, “In AP Chemistry it was a really small class, and Mr. Trezona was a pretty cool teacher. All of the people in there were really fun, so that was super cool. In band it was really laid back and fun, so I liked it a lot.” She also mentioned that she did cry a couple of times in AP Chemistry, and for anyone considering taking it, they should know that it is really hard, but she believes anybody can do it as long as they try hard enough. Mobley has fun memories from each class, detailing, “In AP Chemistry, we had to make our own electricity and get our own voltage, and it was super cool! In band, I thought it would be fun to pull a prank on my teacher, so I stage kissed a guy in front of him to see his reaction, and it was a pretty good reaction.” Along with all the fun, Mobley said she learned a lot in both classes, particularly band where she developed responsibility and self-discipline.

Senior Josh Cole

Josh Cole is also a senior, but his favorite class differs from Mobley’s. Out of all the classes he’s taken at Apex over the past few years, his favorite was AP Psychology. He explained, “Coach Todd is a really good teacher, and everyday we learned something interesting; the class was never dull or boring. A typical day is notes, watching videos, doing review together, talking about stuff, and doing different experiments. It’s all really enjoyable and never dull.” Cole said he would recommend this class to students who are willing to put in the work, read the textbook, and complete the notes. The work you put into the class is definitely worth it as Cole described many fun activities they did, detailing, “What I liked the most was doing our screenplays at the very end of the course where you had to act out a scene where a couple people were the therapist, another was a patient, and another was the narrator. I got to be the narrator, and ours was definitely the darkest because nobody laughed at ours, but everybody laughed at the others.” Cole continued to say that he learned quite a lot in AP Psychology, so it’s hard for him to narrow it down to a single most interesting thing he learned, but he concluded, “I liked the stuff that was about society like the bystander effect or how attractive people are helped more subconsciously. Overall, it’s a good class, and I highly recommend it.”  

Junior Katelyn Stroud

Katelyn Stroud has taken many CTE classes here at Apex and recommends that others take them, too, saying, “For people thinking about signing up for CTE classes, definitely go for it!” Her personal favorite class she’s taken at Apex is of course a CTE class, entrepreneurship. Stroud explained, “Through that class, I was able to get involved with DECA and increase my skills working with other people and presenting things. Some days are more structured where everybody in the class is doing an activity together, and other days are more open where we have time to work on projects or do whatever we choose.” Stroud would recommend entrepreneurship to students who are interested in running their own business in the future or to students who just want a class that’s not too hard but still productive and beneficial. She also mentioned that CTE classes, like entrepreneurship, help you develop skills that are useful even if you don’t pursue that certain career. Stroud described her favorite memory from the class, saying “Making my DECA project with my friends is my favorite thing I did, and we ended up making it to the international level. It was really fun.”

Hopefully these recommendations from your peers gave you an inside look into some of the best classes at AHS and will help you determine if you’d like to sign up for them. All of the interviewees are upperclassmen, so for them to select these classes as their favorite out of the many courses they’ve completed is very high praise. If you know anyone having a difficult time deciding on classes, tell them about your favorite class because maybe they would enjoy it, too, and remember to register for your classes by March 22!

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