Two of the most impressive teams at Apex

The culinary team and the baking and pastry team at Apex High school did very well at States earlier this month. The culinary team brought home first, and the baking and pastry team placed second. They will advance to nationals later this year in California. The culinary team also earned $1200 in scholarships.

“We are thrilled to receive the distinction of being back to back state champions. The tireless effort of the culinary and baking teams is truly inspiring to watch. The skills that these students took away from this event will stay with them for a lifetime.”- Culinary and Baking Team sponsor, Mrs. Hoskins.

The culinary and the baking and pastry teams are both through Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America. FCCLA is a club you can join that has many competitive events you can participate in, not just the culinary and baking team.

“The Culinary team is so much fun to participate in: I have made friends and learned many skills through this amazing experience”- Culinary team participant, Katelyn.

Every year the culinary team and the baking and pastry teams from all over the state go and make a dish they have practiced making but this time in front of judges. The judges then try the dish and score the teams on their techniques, style, presentation, and taste. Last year one of the judges said one of the biggest things that set Apex High apart was the fact that the first thing they did when they walked into the kitchen was that they washed their hands. Good luck to both of these teams at Nationals, you will do great.

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