The Destruction of Deforestation

Imagine the feeling of walking on warm, wispy grass. The sun is beaming down on your skin, giving you the perfect glow. You breathe in the fresh aroma from the trees surrounding you. It is a beautiful setting with a variety of colors, but how long will it last before it’s all gone? Deforestation is destroying the earth one acre at a time. Trees are constantly being cut down for selfish reasons, and it must come to an end.

Deforestation is the removal of trees so there is space for plantations, ranching, developments, or for the use of materials. According to the WWF, over eighteen million acres of forest are being cleared out every year, this is the same as twenty-seven soccer fields per minute. These new farms are supposed to meet a certain demand in a certain amount of time; then they sell the product to other countries, including the United States. The leading cause of deforestation is the expansion of pastures and the production of crops. The land being used for deforestation is not owned by one person but can belong to multiple people, including the indigenous people who live off the land. Without the resources those people need, they are forced to leave and find somewhere else to live. Not only are people losing their home, but animals that inhabit there will also have nowhere to live. About 250 million people need the savanna, and forests as a source of income and a provision for survival.

This issue is just another lead to global warming. Trees are the main contributors to the photosynthesis process. They filter out the carbon dioxide from the atmosphere to make energy. Then they release oxygen as a byproduct of photosynthesis. Carbon dioxide is not that valuable to people but oxygen is what keeps us alive. About 30% of the oxygen in the world comes from the rainforests.

In approximately one hundred to three hundred years all the rainforests could be gone. According to the Conserve Energy Future, the fuel from the trees is being consumed 200% more than the rate of growth of the trees. Without restraint, all the trees would be gone before they can reseed new trees. There are many ways that people can help prevent deforestation and help save the forests. Planting a tree may seem small, but it can prevent erosion and make the soil more fertile for future plants. Recycling and purchasing recyclable items is also very important. Buying items that can be reprocessed or reused creates less demand for raw materials from the forests. Find an Environmental Non-Governmental Organization (ENOG) that is trying to establish state parks. If acre of trees can be preserved as a park, no one can come and destroy it. There is multiple ways to help save this earth.

Deforestation is a terrible thing that needs to be stopped before it’s too late. It has left too many people and animals without homes, just for the mass production of goods. There are many ways that Apex High School students can help prevent this by recycling, planting, joining an organization, and more. In conclusion, deforestation was created from greed. and greed is leading to death and destruction.

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