Interview with Mr. Katsanos

Name: Stefan Katsanos


Q: Experience?

A: Former teacher at Hough High School for five years.


Q: Origin?

A: Charlotte, NC


Q: Schools & Degrees?

A: Attended UNC Charlotte, received a Bachelor’s degree in History and a masters in education.


Q: Single or Married?

A: Married for 4 ½ years to his “beyond amazing” wife Candice.


Q: Pets?

A: No. 


Q: Kids?

A: No


Q: What did you do before coming to Apex?

A: Graduated college from UNCC, taught at Hough for five years, married June 2014 to Candice, and helped immigrant students.


Q: Why did you become a teacher?

A: He adores young people, working with them, being a mentor and someone they can come talk to, being a help to everyone equally.


Q: Why did you choose your subject area?

A: He enjoys it. He has a passion for the subject and interested in world culture. When his family immigrated from Greece, he gained a perspective on different cultures. He wanted to know why and how people did things.


Q: What are your thoughts about Apex so far?  Likes, dislikes, etc. How does Apex compare to other schools?

A: He loves it; he stated, “ It’s very friendly, welcoming, reminds me of Hough, students are great; honestly there are no dislikes.” He finds Apex to be really welcoming; they showed him everything he needed to know to become a great teacher. Hough and Apex are very similar, but Apex’s class size is smaller.


Q: What’s your favorite movie? Book?

A: Black Panther, Return of the Jedi, Independence Day, 12 Years a Slave are his favorite movies, he couldn’t just pick one because they’re all great movies. Night by Elie Wisel is his favorite book.


Q: What are your hobbies?

A: He enjoys helping ESL and being active with his church, New Life in Cary.


Q: What are your pet peeves?

A: Pretty chill, none.


Q: Have you received any awards?

A: He has been nominated for Teacher of the year at Hough (finalist) and was on the Dean list at UNCC.


Q: What were you like as a student?

A: He stated, “I was awful with long hair down to the shoulders and was skinny.” He had handful of good friends, very talkative in class and social. Though, he hated math class and received a D in Algebra 2.


Q: What advice would you give students?

A: “This is only temporary, only four years; everything is going to be alright; someone’s always watching out for you.”


Q: If you weren’t teaching, what would you be doing?

A: He would want to be a criminal defense attorney. He believes not everyone has the same chances as others; people are always getting railroaded, locking people up for stupid reasons, and to get justice for those that don’t have the resources to do so.


Q: Who is or has been an inspiration to you?

A: His wife Candice has; she’s been a “blessing” and always encourages when it’s needed.


Q: What was your most memorable moment as a teacher?

A: When a student who moved from Mexico, didn’t know much English, and learned the language well enough in one year to pass the final. He felt proud and had the opportunity to help someone.


Q: What do you think your students think of you?

A: “I want say passionate, kind,and someone they can trust.”


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