The History of the Super Bowl

The Super Bowl has happened once a year for the past fifty-two years. The two best teams in the United States go against each other in the last professional football game of the season. Large crowds of people are gathered in a stadium with a bright green field in the middle. The grass plain has been cut with white lines going in a variety of directions. Different people who have never met before, bond over their team fighting for victory, and rivals come together as one to watch their enemies go into the battlefield. 

The first official Super Bowl was on January 15, 1967. The Green Bay Packers were playing Kansas City Chiefs in Los Angeles. The whole purpose of the Super Bowl was to bind the two leagues, the American Football League and the National Football League, so that all the teams can play against each other. Harvey Frommer, a professor at Dartmouth stated, “Prior to that first game, those two teams had never played against each other, and no NFL team had ever played against an AFL team.” The name Super Bowl was not the first name the committee came up with in fact, it was someone’s child who sparked the idea. At first the name was just “World Championship Game.” Then it changed around to “Pro Bowl” and “The Big One.” The Super Bowl was not official called the “Super Bowl” until the fourth game. This championship is not just a big deal for the tradition of the game but also because of the halftime shows and commercials.

The Super Bowl is not just about the game. The half time shows and commercials are a great entertainer if you are not watching the game. When the Super Bowl was first getting started, only university bands played for the halftime show, and it wasn’t that impressive like it is now. Halftime shows first got all the attention after Michael Jackson’s 1993 performance at Super Bowl XXVII. With his influence and creative mind, he made the bar rise exponentially for future halftime shows. The song “It’s a Small World” was performed and colorcards where waved in the air. This was the first crowd participation with cards in 1997. Commercials have also become more involved with the game. Super Bowl commercials can be filled with many emotions, but the main goal is to get people to buy stuff. According to The Wall Street Journal, nowadays, a thirty second slot can be about five million dollars to buy.

With all the attention this event gets, people want to experience it for themselves. The first World Championship game was the only Super Bowl that didn’t get sold out. The tickets were around twelve dollars. Now tickets can range from $2,500 to $3,000. Super Bowl XLIX had ticket prices that were priced around $4,300, due to the Patriots’ popularity and their devoted fans. The money may be worth it, but most people just watch it at home on their televisions.

The Super Bowl has been a very popular event for many years that a lot of people look forward to. From the halftime show, to the statistics, to the gameplay, and to the commercials, there’s a little something for everyone in the Super Bowl.

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