Wearing the Uniform

A legendary quote from Pink Floyd, “We don’t need no education,  we don’t need no thought control”from the hit song, “Another Brick in the Wall” really captures the concept on how the world is watching you, controlling you, and just being another brick in the wall. Today society has become very fixated on the fact of direct and social pressure, to comply with others standards. We’ve been pressured to try and be something we’re not, just to fit in with society’s standards. The pressure to conform is something that many of us have felt since we learned what the word perfection meant. Society urges everyone to be picture perfect like some kind of Barbie doll. Were expected to be intelligent, aesthetic, humorous, talented, fit, and sociable.Who wants to live in that high-pressured toxic environment? There are people who drive themselves insane just trying to fit in.

With the incoming demand of social media, all it has done is add to conformity standards. You scroll on your Instagram feed just to see these pitch perfect people living their pitch perfect lives. We’re very infatuated on what we see which makes us think that’s the right way of doing it, through generations that is all we’ve learned. We’ve been told all our lives it will forever be school and work; if you want to succeed, you need to graduate high school, you need to go to a university, you need to find a sophisticated high paying career, etc. People who don’t fit in that category are considered outcasts, the ones that won’t make it. People break down over things they couldn’t control, just wishing that they weren’t different. They change their opinions in a second to match those around them. Society doesn’t want us to do anything that will draw attention to ourselves. They don’t want us to break the perfect little clay mold we’ve been placed in. They don’t want us to do anything that will draw attention to ourselves. They don’t want us to ever break the perfect little mold we’ve been put in.

No matter what the people around you say, everyone is special and unique. Not everyone has the same goal and that what makes someone different. Society looks down on different, which make those people look down on themselves. Pressure from society can be intense, but it shouldn’t let it change anyone.


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