Apex High’s most unknown team

We have a hockey team here at the peak of great learning; who knew? It might be hard to believe, but Cougar Hockey is the best roller hockey team. The last four years they were undefeated, and they recently begun a new season, so everyone has high hopes for the new season.

Cougar Hockey has both a junior varsity and a varsity team, and both of them are very impressive. They play roller hockey, which is different from ice hockey. Instead of ice skates, the players wear inline skates. Also the puck is more plastic than the normal rubber so that it can slide on the floor.

If they want the title of High School Champions again, they are going to have to play hard throughout the season and even harder during the championships.

“Four time undefeated champs, we’re going to make it five after this year.”- Radek Kerr, sophomore.

If you want to come check out a game come to XL Sports World on Wednesdays for varsity and Fridays for junior varsity to cheer on some great Apex High teams. Let’s show our hockey teams some support and hope for the bright season ahead.

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