Apex High School: The Peak of Kindness

World Kindness Day was on Nov. 13, and Apex High School had an event called Peak Positivity to celebrate World Kindness Day. There were many clubs and booths there to help support this cause including a drive drop off, bracelet making, write a card, encouraging words, key club, Gay- Straight Alliance, DECA, 7 cups of tea, Equity team, Feminist club, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and ACAA.

I asked each booth what they felt like they were doing to encourage Peak Positivity, and this is what they said.

“Donating a simple stuffed animal can spread joy to people in need especially the kids at Duke Children’s Hospital.” -Austin Dewey, drive drop off.

“We want to bring everyone together and encourage giving by making bracelets.” -Nicole Zack, bracelet making.

“We are encouraging people to write letters to the people that are good to us everyday like firefighters, veterans, and policemen.” -Elisa Jordan, write a card.

“I am telling people to write down encouraging words to hopefully make someone’s day better.” -Juliana Mason, Encouraging Words.

“Our club is about community service, so we encourage our members to go out and help the community every day.” -Kripa Sriram, Key Club.

“We are encouraging people to be themselves in whatever way of form that is.” -Star Muehlbauer, Gay-Straight Alliance.

“We are helping children going through tough illnesses and we are hosting the teacher talent show that we think will make the Apex community come together and laugh.” -Melissa Patrocinio, DECA.

“I am encouraging peak positivity because it is all about self confidence and self love through active listening and that is what 7 cups of tea is all about.” – Alexis Colton, 7 Cups Of Tea.

We deal in student equity so kindness is very important. We are having people sign a kindness pledge. We also have a place where students can write down their complaints and we will address them with the people that can change them.” -Zach Sexton, Equity Team

“I feel like my booth is helping people by writing letters to the Women’s Center of Wake County and saying things a little outside of their comfort zone to make their day better.” -Lilli Hlavin, Feminist Club.

“We are a Christian based club, so we encourage being loving and kind to everyone.” -Elyse Schechter, Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

“We pick a cause each year to help out and we help make people more aware of people who aren’t in the spotlight but need help as much as possible.” -Calsey Conrad and Sarah Jones, ACAA.

There were lots of neat things to do at the event including watching the Super Skippers, Wake Zone, playing games, a raffle with a secret prize, and lots more. Peak Positivity had a great turnout this year and this event really showed how kind of a school we are.

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