Hamilton is Coming to the Triangle!

The broadway hit musical Hamilton is coming to the triangle next week! Starting on Tuesday, Nov. 6, the Durham Performing Arts Center will host the US touring company of Hamilton until Sunday, Dec. 2. Broadway fans and history buffs alike have long been waiting for this national tour since Hamilton first debuted on Broadway in 2015.


Lin Manuel Miranda’s Hamilton first burst onto the scene in 2015, immediately capturing public attention through a combination of rapping and singing never before seen on a broadway stage. This catchy new style strayed away from traditional broadway tunes, developing non-broadway listeners into passionate fans. Based on the life of Alexander Hamilton, a founding father most remember briefly from history class or recognize from the $10 bill, the musical takes on a view of America’s beginnings from the view of those in “The Room Where it Happened”. Through the dynamic story of the multi-faceted Hamilton and all those he loved (and hated), listeners and audience members across the world have become enamored with the story of the “ten dollar founding-father”. Hamilton has also had a notable impact with its inclusive message, displayed through a cast made up primarily of minorities playing the roles of the white (and often slaveholding) founding fathers.


Hamilton’s broadway debut immediately caught the world’s attention, setting a Broadway box office record for the most money grossed in a single week in New York City. At the 2016 Tony Awards, Hamilton was nominated for a record breaking sixteen awards, winning eleven. Additionally, the cast album was the fifth highest selling album of 2016. Hamilton’s notable audience members have included Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Chance the Rapper, Mark Zuckerberg, Will Ferrell, and many more.


If you haven’t already scored Hamilton tickets for this leg of the national tour, they are still available at https://www.ticketmaster.com/venueartist/369510/2336213?brand=durham&camefrom=CFC_HAMILTON. For those who aren’t open to spending the three to four hundred dollars an average tour ticket requires, the cast album is available listening for on iTunes and all streaming services. Are you one of the lucky ones getting to see Hamilton?

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