What Could FCCLA mean to you?

Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA), an impressive club with an even more impressive community. To me it means family and friendships. Last year I was in FCCLA, and I made many new friends and grew closer to the old ones. I love FCCLA; I got a lot of new opportunities and great experiences while in this amazing club.

For those of you who do not know what FCCLA is, it is a club revolved around Family and Consumer Science (FACS) classes. If you are enrolled in an apparel, foods, culinary, interior design or, FACS advanced studies this school year, then you are eligible to join FCCLA.

To join FCCLA you must fill out a membership form and pay a $25 registration fee. Later on there is an opportunity to compete in a STAR Event of your choice. If you would like to see the options and their descriptions click here.

This is what FCCLA means to its club members and advisers:

“I enjoy FCCLA because I like seeing kids take ownership of the projects they make and seeing them get real life experiences” said Kate Lord, Career and Technical Education (CTE) teacher.

“FCCLA is a fun opportunity for students interested in culinary, childhood education, apparel, and more. I love FCCLA because I get to meet new people, have fun, and explore careers I’m interested in. ” stated Demaree Persson, co president of FCCLA.

“It gives the opportunity to develop life skills” responded Kate Battles, CTE teacher.

“I love FCCLA because I get to meet amazing people, learn new skills, and travel and compete.” replied Molly Todd, co president of FCCLA.

“I think it is a chance for kids to take what they learn in the classroom and showcase it, along with practicing soft skills and leadership. The memories formed in FCCLA are what students remember long after they have graduated.” answered Erica Hoskins, CTE teacher.

“To me, FCCLA was an amazing opportunity to become closer with other members and teachers, as well as practicing having to professionally create a partner project.” said Haley Pierce, member of FCCLA

FCCLA is an incredible club that advances you as a student and challenges you as a person. This club can help you refine and perfect the Family and Consumer Science skills that you have and let you have fun while doing it.

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