Sixth time’s a charm

If you asked me at the beginning of my freshman year about the school newspaper, I would have sadly responded with the typical Apex High answer, “We have a school newspaper?” Growing up, I vividly remember all of the Disney movies that portrayed high school newspaper writers as outcasts barely getting by, some even being banished to the basement (hey Lemonade Mouth fans). I definitely never saw myself as a writer. In fact, English was always my least favorite subject. I dreaded writing papers, reading books, or anything in between. However, I have Mrs. McGee and her ninth-grade speech class to thank.

Before I knew it, I joined the Legacy my sophomore year. I remember walking in the first day and looking towards Editor-in-Chiefs Kenison and Henry and thinking to myself, “Wow, they are too good!” Third period newspaper allowed me to meet a diverse and talented group of people, whether they knew it or not. I still miss the newspaper room at the old school to this day, even the door that never could quite close all the way. Looking back, the laughs and stories we told in that room are something I will always hold near and dear to my heart.

To say I have taken newspaper six times is an odd realization. I honestly did not know there were even that many things to write about, but somehow I managed to cover something new each week and year.

While I loved the privilege of getting to know the “ins and outs” of Apex through this class, I will remember the little things. I will miss the Buzzfeed quiz sessions with my fellow classmates. I will miss Patience Dean’s Fish Fact Friday’s. I will miss the big screen computers I have typed countless last-minute assignments on for the past three years. Most importantly, I will miss my Apex High School mom, Mrs. McGee. To think of high school without this incredible lady brings tears to my eyes. I truly have her to thank for the constant guidance over the past four years. I remember walking into her classroom the third day of junior year barely being able to hold it together. I was overwhelmed and looking for a way to make things easier. She instantly put everything down and did everything she could to ensure I was comfortable and confident moving on. William Hunter McGee is one lucky little boy.

In just a few months, I will be beginning my next four years at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, but if you think I will forget the past six semesters on the Legacy, you are very wrong. While I am still not a fan of reading and have written enough articles to last me a lifetime, I am and always will be a big fan of the Legacy.

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