Our New Leader

With the last days of school upon us, these final moments are bittersweet. Students are excited for their summer plans, are ready to delete the alarms off of their phones, and are awaiting the ending of final exams. As most of the student body, parents, and teachers have been told, our principal, Diann Kearney, will be retiring in June of this year. After being a part of the Cougar life for three years, helping us to transition to a new campus, and making efforts to unify the student body, Dr. Kearney’s time with us is coming to an end. With expectations high and questions arising, I asked students what they would like to see in a new principal, here is what they had to say…

“I would want my principal to be trustworthy, relatable, caring, authentic, and fun; the most important thing is being reliable.” -Aituaje A.

“They just have to know how to relate with students and not just be another person to enforce rules.” -Michael A.

“I would like to see someone who is a little more lenient with the rules. Someone who understands that we are young adults and we do not need to be treated like middle schoolers. Also we shouldn’t have to take bathroom passes to the bathroom… Sorry but this is high school.” -Jeff P.

“They just have to be chill, you know? I want someone who will be just like Dr. Kearney. Like one of the kids.” -Kathleen G.

“I would like to see someone who will make a return of senior quotes. I want to be able to share my thoughts in the yearbook.” -Kayla R.

As far as the characteristics I would like to see in a new principal, I am looking for someone who will be a shoulder to cry on. I want to have a principal who will not only treat the students as his or her own, but will also treat us like young adults. I need someone who will be dependable, hard-working and enthusiastic among other things. I am so sad to see Dr. Kearney go, but I know in my heart that she is well-deserving of her retirement, and I wish her the best of luck in her future endeavors. Students, keep pushing through the end of this week!


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  • Thank you for sharing this with our school family. I am certain the new principal will be responsive to students, staff, and families and will support Apex in staying PEAK!


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