Five of the Most Famous Harry Potter Conspiracy Theories

Five of the Most Famous Harry Potter Conspiracy Theories

Harry Potter, a series of books and movies that has enlightened muggles for many years. The series has people of all ages walking around with their heads stuffed between the pages of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone and the other books. What if I were to tell you the series may not be what you always dreamed it was? Here is a list of some of the most popular Harry Potter conspiracy theories. Which were made by Harry Potter fans who have studied the series since they first laid eyes on it.  


  • Harry Potter dreamed the whole thing:


There is plenty of fans that believe Harry Potter was dreaming or hallucinating throughout the whole story. Fans who believe this theory have said it makes perfect sense because Harry Potter lived with the Dursley family and from this, they concluded that these living circumstances could cause Harry to go mad and start dreaming his way out of reality.


  • The Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher position is cursed:


As many of you probably know, the position of Hogwarts Defense against the Dark Arts teacher constantly changes. It seems suspicious that each year something happens to the teacher who takes on this position. Some say it was Lord Voldemort who cursed the position. This is because the teacher he had when he attended Hogwarts was very fond of him. He also helped Voldemort discover a certain type of dark magic called Horcrux, which later plays a huge roll in the story.

  •  Ron Weasley is a time traveler and Dumbledore:

The theory that Ron Weasley is Dumbledore was formed because fans started to notice how similar their interests, their physical appearance, and their love for Harry are. Both of these characters have naturally red hair and suffered leg injuries. They also both love sweets which is mentioned throughout the the series.

  • Harry Potter and Hermione Granger are siblings:

This is one of those theories that is based on the various interviews done with JK Rowling herself, but there is also some evidence provided by fans that could prove this theory to be true. Fans have said that one of the things that could prove they   are siblings is the fact that they look similar. They also say there have been instances when Hermione speaks up for Harry when no one else would just like a family member. There is also very little sexual tension between the two, and when there is it always goes away. Lastly, both of them fall in love with Weasley’s, who are also siblings.

  • Snape did not die:

One of the main arguments for this theory is that at the end of the Battle of Hogwarts when all the dead bodies are laid out Snape’s body is not there. There is also no other explanation for why it wouldn’t be laid out and therefore Snape is probably not dead.

Whether or not you believe some of these theories we can still admire the story and all its crazy fans. There are tons of other theories that are also worth looking into. You never know it may change the way you view the story.

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